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9 iOS beta release

apple released iOS beta 9 operating system. Already registered for the apple software users can download the beta test program.

another: iOS 9 system seems to be a bit of subtle changes have been made for virtual soft keyboard, now, when you press the virtual soft the SHIFT key on the keyboard, the keyboard will be between the upper and lower case letters on a switch.

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Google pushed the second version of the developer preview Android M

Google in May this year’s Google I/O developers conference announced new Android M operating system for the first time, but the company has released Android M according to the plan of the second version of the developer preview.

apple released Tuesday or iPod

the apple is expected to next Tuesday is released on July 14, the latest version of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano, but apple can release a new product in the earlier time.

samsung will be released ahead of the new Galaxy Note

samsung plans to launch a new Galaxy Note in the middle of August. Previously, the Galaxy Note series of previous generations of products such as Note 3 and Note 4 are released in September.

in order to catch before apple, samsung and spell!

Facebook will push the music video services

after it emerged that Facebook is in contact with music company, plans to roll out flat rate of music streaming service. But Facebook has denied the news. But it will take some music video is inserted into the dynamic stream of Facebook. Facebook will be based on the music video playback volume, facing the music companies to pay royalties and artist.

American express to launch their own payment services

the credit card company American Express (American Express) today launched its own payment services Amex ExpressCheckout, allow its credit card users easily in the partner website or Ticketmaster, new egg (problem) and WarbyParker business conducted on the application of payment.

mobile advertising platform Mobvista B round 200 million yuan

mobile advertising platform Mobvista officially announced the successful completion of the B round, raised to 200 million yuan. This round of financing by the Shanghai cultural industry fund and hunan mango haitong investment funds get creative culture, citic built for the securities investment fund and, after more than 2 billion yuan. Mobvista was founded in 2013, its business including global mobile advertising network and overseas offering gaming platform.

announced new business strategy tencent cartoon

tencent anime announced a series of new business strategy, including the joint launch of new products with mobile phone QQ QQ anime, kadokawa group cooperation with Japan to introduce light novel resources and building an “author” potential incentive plan.

PPTV sport subsidiary

PPTV announced that the company management committee resolution will be independent spin-off sports media group, a subsidiary, to speed up the layout and vertical in the field of sports industry capital operation.

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