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Google market value at $66.9 billion a growing stock record

to Friday’s close, the Google stock prices reached a record $699.62 a share, jumped 16.3%, this growth prompted Google market value increase of $66.9 billion, 478 billion yuan.

my friends and I were stunned!

samsung group two companies merge Lee jae-yong power further
Samsung group and samsung products related to the board of directors passed the first hair company merger plan, in the new company after the merger, lee jae-yong would hold a 16.5% stake in, and through cross-shareholdings, lee jae-yong will also control the original samsung products company owns a 4.1% stake in samsung electronics company.

in order to inherit the “throne”, Mr Lee and his family is enough to spell it

A8 proposed to the controlling shareholder, alvin liu sell 680 million m

digital A8 music company announced that the new media to the controlling shareholder alvin liu announced plans to issue 680 million shares, assets of hk $387.6 million (us $310 million).

iQIYI VIE preparation in domestic market are being torn down to

, according to A video industry veteran said iQIYI prepares for the demolition of the VIE structure, ready to return to a-share market. In line with the strategic choice of the baidu, that is, baidu’s main body is still in the us capital markets, but split some core assets packaged into the a-share market.

10 home edition forced Microsoft Windows users to install updates automatically

Microsoft said in a statement: “Windows 10 open automatically update the software license terms require system, which can protect the safety of clients, and provide the Windows in the form of services.” Business users can choose to shut down the system to update itself.

system automatically updated every time, when there is a hint of sadness

tesla announced that it would push ModelS new starter and top-of-the-line version

the tesla’s motor company announced that will launch a starter and top-of-the-line version of ModelS of electric cars. Introduction to the new version of the pricing of $seventy thousand. Top-of-the-line version of “85”, “85 d” and “P85D” upgrade model, battery is 90 KWH, existing users can pay $5000 to upgrade.

Microsoft or to quit the Japanese game market

Microsoft recently decided that it would no longer participate in the Tokyo game show in September, with Microsoft’s console market dismal sales in Japan, the United States science and technology news website “wired”, according to the analysis of the Microsoft seems to quit the Japanese game market.

genomics CEO wang junwork departure

shortly in taikang invest 2 billion yuan to buy into genomics, genomics suddenly top adjustment. Genomics website said in a news release, wang junwork is no longer as the dean and genomics CEO of bgi, to stay on the board of directors of the genomics, as managing partner.

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