July 10 (word/land full of red)

Facebook to click on ads charging mode changed

Facebook changed its click advertising fee model completely. If advertisers is buying PPC advertising, then indeed only when users click on ads to their web site or application, they have to pay to Facebook. If the user just point, share or comment, advertisers will not have to pay.

10 new Win “Microsoft wi-fi” quick to buy hot charging

Microsoft for testers to upgrade the Windows 10 version again, one new software “Microsoft wi-fi”, allows users to buy wi-fi hotspots in outdoor Spaces and access.

then go out and don’t ask the wifi password?

IBM developed seven nanometers chip

IBM announced it had developed seven nanometers chip, chip with the strongest processing capacity of the current four times. In order to develop the test chip, IBM for the first time in seven nanoscale transistors used in silicon germanium materials, rather than pure silicon

nokia made unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

a line as a global communications equipment manufacturers of nokia, a mobile communication company cooperation and the Middle East, are developing special drones, for communications equipment and mobile base station for inspection and testing.

baidu take-away will achieve $200 million in financing

baidu take-away will achieve $200 million in financing. After winning this round of financing, baidu take-out valuations will reach $800 million, higher than the $700 million valuation. At the beginning of the year is hungry?

vice President ali chun-ning liu was taken away by the police pass by tencent report

alibaba group vice President chun-ning liu was taken away by police in shenzhen on June 22. Because it is responsible for purchasing period, suspected of bribery, tencent video copyright is resulted from tencent to report.

another: tencent reported serious violations. According to the survey, a number of online video related business corruption and bribery exists, the employee is suspected of illegal. Now the company has to the police, was waiting for the result of a decision making process.

how thick strong, this all stop!

I am a singer music director induction stranger stranger

“I’m a singer” original music director piu pak leung has hired stranger stranger video department, is responsible for message message of a new product, in the content. Jobs are Momo chief content officer at the scene.

state copyright administration: July unauthorized music have to logoff

the national copyright administration issued a “about online music providers to stop unauthorized dissemination of music notice, require online music providers to stop unauthorized dissemination of music works, and ordered all the music service on July 31 will be unauthorized music works all referrals.

YY, dangdang announcement received an offer

gather era (YY) announced that have received a preliminary non-binding offer privatisation, company executives to $68.50 per ADS (American depositary shares) has for the current holdings.

dangdang, announced that its board of directors received today — who from chairman and CEO Mr. Li’s buyout offer, with American depositary shares (ADS) $7.812 per share in cash acquisition of companies not yet hold all outstanding common stock.

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