July 28 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

dou but amazon eBay to close the market the same day delivery service

has split the online payment service PayPal, eBay announced that the company will start off on the same day in the us market for services “eBay Now”. The move shows that eBay will not be pursued e-commerce giant amazon in express service market.

eBay chief product officer pilot R.J. pittman said it will continue in the UK market. Previously, eBay has been in San Francisco, New York, Dallas and Chicago and four cities in the United States, released the same day delivery service.

amazon and wal-mart, alibaba began to compete for global retail giants, eBay is gradually lost.

alibaba announced Mr. Tsai as word-of-mouth network chairman

alibaba Mr. Tsai, vice chairman of the board of directors will let koubei, chairman of the board, the ant gold take payment business group President FanZhiMing as word of mouth, vice chairman of the board of directors.

recently, alibaba’s O2O local life suddenly announced that “resurrection” service brand public praise net. Ali group and the ant gold suit will set up a joint venture of local life services platform company, a joint venture company named “word of mouth,”

according to introducing, ali and ant gold take the follow-up will also enlarge to the reputation of the company’s investment, collection ali and ant gold suit two resources, from the food and beverage service areas such as offline market.

samsung released new display can provide mobile phone wireless charging

samsung launched a called “SE370” display, the display built-in wireless charging function. This means that as long as the mobile phone on the base of the display, will be able to charge their phone.

the display can be used for all Qi wireless charging standard of mobile devices, including samsung home Galaxy S6 a mobile phone. Qi is the most widely used wireless charging standards, currently has more than 80 different types of smartphones support Qi wireless charging.

ranger X car was adapted from tesla founder denied

a ranger auto launch a concept car – the ranger X. Although there are a lot of public opinion to this concept car, but from the conference today, another voice has gradually become the mainstream, netizens began questioned ranger X.

on the one hand, the netizens questioned its design copied from other vehicles, such as the car location and size of the screen, and tesla too like. However, before that, the rangers electric founder and chief executive of Huang Xiuyuan has made it clear that “we are imitating the tesla.”

the biggest question is that the ranger X is directly converted a tesla put on the conference site, such as direct will tear open come with tesla’s chassis, the so-called ranger X concept car, but also lie in the PPT. Has carried on the response, Huang Xiuyuan himself, denied based on tesla adapted to question.

cool mobile phone and 360 OS or released on August 16

after reports that beautiful MIUI 7 release conference, on August 16, millet class delay his forward related news, said: “on August 16 became more and more, we have a more wonderful!” Suspected cool to be released at the same time mobile phone and 360 OS upstage millet.

after the joint venture was established in 360 with the cool, cool, cool officially took over the great god mobile team and launched 360 OS mini version.

“cat’s eye film for independent subsidiary

the net again adjust organization structure, set up and store business group, and set up a wholly owned subsidiary cat’s eye culture media co., LTD. Meituan company senior vice President of shen as a cat’s eye’s CEO.

the cat eye film under the league flag, is a domestic film O2O integrated service platform, at present there are more than 200 million users, cat’s eye 85 million consumer users, cinemas, covered more than 4000. The cat’s eye film upgraded to an independent subsidiary, will help the cat’s eye film and upstream and downstream partners to build the ecological culture industry, and enhance comprehensive service platform construction and development.

beijing-tianjin-hebei city farewell roaming users of mobile communications into trend

in the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the flow of the enterprises and personnel, contact, makes the three places across an increasingly large groups of work and life. Three calls between demand, long distance and roaming charges have been brought three integration. After the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region to a national strategy, the Beijing and tianjin two city signed the implementation of major national strategy to promote the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei implement key work agreement, the telecommunication service integration among public service job requirement, and clearly put forward the “fixed without long distance, mobile roaming” goal.

ehi quasi priority unsecured bonds

ehi, announced that the company plans to qualified investors preferred unsecured debt, specific distribution plan will be carried out in accordance with the market and other relevant conditions.

ehi company plans to use the net benefits of priority unsecured bonds to support the general task of capital expenditure and other companies, including funding outstanding debt and optimize the capital structure. At present, the sale of the principal of the priority of unsecured bonds, the interest rate, maturity, and other terms and conditions has not been finalized, according to the issuance of bonds pricing also need further regulation again.

“excited net” turns into a complex field of entertainment culture guo layout

after landing the new three board, controlled by guo excited net will change its name to “Shanghai forte entertainment culture communication co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the entertainment culture). , concomitant with the name change is the reconstruction of the company to upgrade: complex entertainment culture will become a across the entertainment, culture, sports, and many other industries, and focus on the layout of the new global investment and business brand.

the company will gradually layout music, art, sports, performance, and other fields, the level of investment scale or of billions in the future.

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