July 8 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

had drops quickly back to $2 billion in financing

according to reports, drops quickly completed nearly $2 billion in a new round of financing, company valuation of about $15 billion, China’s ping an insurance, hillhouse capital, capital international private equity funds and Chloe figure capital involved in the investment management company.

Uber rivals had said before, will invest $1 billion in the Chinese market this year.

competition has reached its height, the two sides take money to hit death the rhythm of each other.

hundreds of millions of users have to apple free music company encounter enemy

Apple streaming Music service with its operating systems have solid foundation, the software support will make Apple Music quickly popularized. This for streaming music services company recently financing is a potential threat.

although only three months free trial, but Apple Music still can hold large quantities of fruit powder.

samsung or at the end of Tizen smartphone Z3

a Tizen under the samsung smartphone Z3 will launch this quarter. Compared with the low-end market oriented Z1 before, will be a low-end product Z3.

according to reports, samsung will launch later this year much money based on their own Tizen smartphone operating system, and covers more than price.

it seems that samsung to open the market of southeast Asia.

jingdong power offline payment cooperation wangfujing department store

recently, jingdong financial and wangfujing department store announced a strategic cooperation, jingdong financial’s ious and jingdong payment product will be connected to the wangfujing department store. The cooperation of both broke the bank card occupy large market pay link.

Momo or will aggressively to carpool market

Momo issued recently, according to a questionnaire for user Momo is to survey about carpooling travel of the user, the content covers the users’ willingness to carpool, occupation, income, etc, to prepare for to car pool market. CEO Tang Yan has also revealed that the next exploration will focus on share based on the geographic location of the economy, such as carpooling or short rental business.

from “about X artifact” to carpool, from social to O2O, devoted to devoted to the larger field.

followed by two news about the steel electricity:

river steel and baosteel do electrical business alliance “Internet +” promote efficiency

river steel group, baosteel group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to jointly build China’s steel electric business alliance, promote China’s iron and steel industry the development of the Internet, and drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries.

480 million building in panzhihua electric business integrated platform

the third party electric business platform “product physical crosslinking network officially launched,” this is at pangang group to invest 480 million yuan to build a B2B electric business platform. Online trading, clinch a deal in panzhihua iron and steel products listed on the platform of nearly 400 tons.

platforms in addition to iron and steel products and sell fresh fruits. According to introducing, the future will be injected into financial services, integrated logistics integrated micro couplet, pangang group is trying to create “comprehensive electricity service platform”.

traditional Chinese enterprises to the Internet, electricity and waves.

yahoo Japan to spend 1.8 billion yen in SONY real estate

yahoo Japan will spend 1.8 billion yen investment in real estate company, SONY and SONY will inject 1 billion yen. SONY will hold a 56.3% stake in yahoo Japan will hold the remaining 43.7% stake.

end of this year, SONY and yahoo Japan will launch a real estate service web site, the site can be directly matching property buyers and sellers.

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