25 July (word/land full of red)

7, patent implies that the iPhone, apple design more close to the iPhone 4

according to apple, according to a latest patent apple is developing a way to make the smartphone metal flat shiny edge sharp new method at the same time. From the point of the design style of pictures, very close to the success of the iPhone 4.

global vc totalled $59.8 billion in the first half of the year Year-on-year growth of 49%

KPMG and CB Insights, according to a report released in the second quarter of 2015, the global venture capital investment of more than $32 billion, and a total of 1819. In the first half of this year’s vc investment totaled $59.8 billion, up 49% compared with the same period in 2014.

investment market so hot, hunting cloud network seems to be a better services for entrepreneurs.

amazon market value of the first super wal-mart

amazon released the second quarter of fiscal 2015 earnings, according to amazon sales were $23.18 billion in the second quarter, net profit of $92 million. Open late as a result, amazon’s share price sharply higher, the opening price of $578.13, up 19.9%, a market capitalisation of $269.2 billion, for the first time beyond wal-mart, and more than 15.3%.

AT& T buy DirecTV approved

America’s second-largest wireless operator AT& T fit for $48.5 billion to buy the country’s largest satellite TV service provider DirecTV ultimately won regulatory approval in the United States.

hero mutual entertainment to 960 million acquisition changyou cloud

Selma was through new three board announcement, according to the proposed merger development quotient changyou (Beijing) technology co., LTD. 100% stake in the clouds, and issuing shares and cash payment for the transfer price.

ants spend bai more than 40 external access platform

after day taobao, cats, travel and dangdang, has more than 40 Internet shopping platform support payment ants spend bai. Users in the site or App when shopping, besides can use a credit card payment, can choose the way of credit consumption, shopping first, any reimbursement.

it seems to be from buy chop chop in early transition to hand the

thunder star domain CDN cooperation with iQIYI

thunderbolt announced that we have reached an agreement with iQIYI strategic cooperation, through the “crystal project” thunderbolt services provide iQIYI crowdsourcing bandwidth. At present, iQIYI CDN’s on-demand business has access to the thunderbolt star domain.

pull hook network will upgrade platform for the career growth

pull hook network was set up in its second anniversary conference announced that its development strategy will be taken from “the Internet recruitment,” into “Internet professional growth platform”, hope three years later to pull hook in the network business form, 10% are hiring, the other 90% is a professional business growth.

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