On July 20,

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apple is designing new campus promotion

apple has yet to start this year of the traditional “back-to-school” sales promotion. But there are reports that apple’s retail, Angela ahrendts, senior vice President (Angela Ahrentds) has been suggested to employees, apple will launch similar promotional activities.

I think the welfare in the school’s junior partner

KGI analyst: iPhone sales in the third quarter to reach 54 million m

before apple announced in the third quarter of 2015 earnings, KGI (KGI) ming-chi kuo, an analyst in the report estimates that during the three months of the year to June, apple sold 54.2 million iphones, 8.8 million units, 5.4 million units of Mac and apple 3.9 million watches. Compared with the same period last year, the iPhone and Mac shipments rose 54% and 21.6%, respectively, but the sales fell 33.5%.

yahoo’s new cell phone APP

a few days ago, yahoo launched a called “Livetext” new mobile phone chatting tools, integrated the real-time video and text chat, but the user can’t voice chat. This product is still in the test period, yahoo has developed the iOS version.

this time is a bit late shout

samsung early sale Note 5

samsung flagship of a new generation of tablet phones Galaxy Note5 will be released on August 12 in advance, and went on sale on August 21. Simultaneously with the Galaxy Note 5 issued another mobile phone screen S6 Edge Plus.

the samsung Galaxy S7 test

according to the news that ETNews, samsung is aimed at the Galaxy S7 tested two different versions of the processor, a processor is qualcomm Xiao dragon, and the other one is their own Exynos processor. And the new flagship to there is at least 7 to 8 months of time to prepare for samsung.

social robots price is equivalent to an iPhone

robot manufacturers Jibo and Blue Frog Robotics, is developing a can communicate with human interaction and social robot, the robot can live with humans. You only need to pay an iPhone, you can buy a social robots, these little robot can carry out various functions through the application that occupy the home.

housekeeping O2O granddaddy will close at the end of Homejoy

housekeeping O2O granddaddy Homejoy was forced to close on July 31, Homejoy as early as Handy (Homejoy biggest competitor) to get C round of financing is expected to himself is likely to experience “C round of death”. Mainly due to the founder of the sister and the lack of experience, in the competition rhythm control out of control.

a learning and reference.

east refinancing net announced a complete 200 million yuan

Orient finance net has announced 200 million yuan of A round of financing, the round led by JingLin investment, capital and other institutions and han. Oriental financing network to solve the micro, small and medium enterprises financing difficulties, financing problems, through the combination of online for micro, small and medium enterprises financing, equity financing and debt financing policy, integrated financing solutions such as listed.

refinancing net, do you have a tongue twister is visual sense

guo-jun shen underweight the intime commercial stake again

alibaba is accelerating integration the intime commercial business. Yintai business (stock code: 01833) announced that announced by one of the controlling shareholder guo-jun shen (30.2%) to inform, transferred has about 398 million shares in Yintai to third parties. Alibaba will ChengYinTai after the completion of the single largest shareholder.

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