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Canalys: apple sold 4.3 million units in the second quarter of AppleWatch

the United States, a research firm Canalys said in a report, apple sold 4.3 million units in the second quarter of this year AppleWatch smart watches, but apple’s quarterly results released the second nature, for the apple watches, still keep silent.

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Q2 phone shipments: samsung is still leading

research firm TrendForce reported that samsung’s smartphone shipments in the second quarter of this year had a 26.8% market share, ahead of apple’s 16.4%. In the second quarter of this year global smartphone shipments for 304 million units, compared with the previous quarter growth of 1.9%.

softbank will exit the venture capital market

on investment in the United States and China’s alibaba, yahoo have startups get handsomely softbank, with softbank’s new President aurora (NikeshArora) came to power, great changes have taken place in softbank’s investment strategy, the company will close professional risk investment department, reduce the investment in the new company.

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120 million financing WiFi operators together playing online

free WiFi operators together playing online today announced RMB 120 million B round. This round of financing led by 360 company, haitong securities, zhongguancun industrial capital to vote.

more beautiful APP for B wheel tens of millions of dollars in financing

social and medical hairdressing services platform “more beautiful APP”, announced by the dimension of the Capital (VIVO Capital) led, sequoia Capital, with tens of millions of dollars to B round of funding. More beautiful APP is a medical beauty community, users on the platform can directly make an appointment to purchase medical beauty services.

new technology can integrate fingerprint sensor to screen

special fingerprint sensor may be out of date. A company named Sonovation announced, has passed a technology will ultrasonic biometric sensors placed under “gorilla glass”, to read the user’s fingerprint.

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drops online “recommended” get on the car location function

drops a taxi released the latest version of the passenger terminal APP to add the function of “recommended” get on site, namely tell where passengers and drivers should get in the car, in order to solve long passengers’ location and actual on site, the trouble of drivers and passengers can’t find each other.

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nokia to be published next week, virtual reality products

nokia VIP conference will be held in Los Angeles next week, released the first virtual reality project. Hope that through the nokia virtual reality products, to become the important participants in the consumer electronics market.

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