July 13 (word/land full of red)

Apple Music encounter antitrust dispute

the federal trade commission (FTC) is looking at apple to have a competitive relationship of streaming music service way is in violation of the anti-monopoly law, but has not yet been initiated a formal investigation. The FTC, however, may not launch a formal investigation.

this is just a news

samsung r&d 11 k resolution display

samsung 11 k “super resolution” display is developing, the pixel density will reach a staggering 2250 ppi. In addition, the project also received $26.5 million in the south Korean government investment, and other 13 companies over the next five years will also participate in the development.

Twitter will be closed in the end of August the password management tool Mitro

Twitter will be closed in on August 31, last year’s acquisition of Mitro password management tool. Mitro on the web site, said: “we are currently in his spare time, using its own funds to maintain Mitro. At present, the burden is too high cost and management. We don’t have the time to properly manage the service, therefore decided to stop running.”

maintenance Mitro with their own funds, and very hard to

before joining wal-mart CBSI China President wang

before the rest, after the past CBSI China President wang to finally settle — wal-mart has joined international company. In joining wal-mart wang at the same time, and there are rumours that could replace the current CEO wang jun-ling liu as no. 1 shop’s new CEO.

or Toshiba President will resign because of accounting scandals

in the year to March 2014 in the five years, Toshiba inflated in the financial report about 200 billion yen ($1.6 billion) in operating profit. The President before the company President long male and Toshiba, current vice President sasaki, husband should be responsible for the scandal, long male may be forced to resign.

PC sales continue to slide

Gartner and IDC has reported, in the second quarter of this year global PC sales suffered their biggest drop in two years. It is worth mentioning that IDC data does not include the global tablet shipments.

huawei will push Nexus and watch

China’s huawei technology company and South Korea’s LG electronics company, this year will be designed for Google company two Nexus brand smartphone, also may launch a smart watch. Also as part of the cooperation, huawei will help Google in China to promote some unlimited Internet services and software.

storm technology tomorrow resumption of

storm technology (300431) announcement announced gesture with shenzhen technology co., LTD. Signed the letter of intent for investment and cooperation, on July 13, and in 2015 opened up.

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