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apple 90 million new iPhone

the company requires its suppliers before December 31, 85 million to 90 million men to a generation of the iPhone smartphone, the new iPhone will have two kinds of models, the screen size 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively, respectively, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus the same.

compared with last year, the company is ordered to suppliers of 70 million to 80 million iPhone smartphone, its initial production record at that time.

Microsoft announced plans to restructure the handset business up to 7800 jobs

Microsoft announced that it will for mobile hardware business restructuring, and up to 7800 job cuts. Microsoft to buy nokia devices and services at the same time for the impairment of assets to about $7.6 billion and credited to the restructuring charges of $750 million to $850 million.

buy nokia didn’t also can bring change for Microsoft’s mobile phone, sorry.

pay treasure to redesign to join “chat” function

alipay has released the latest version 9.0, a big change is the emphasis on a lot of social relations, especially to join the “chat” function.

it is understood that the new pay treasure to join “merchants” and “friend” two entrance to a new level, respectively replace before “FuWuChuang” and “explore” column. In terms of function, increases the family account, ious, group accounts, balance treasure to buy stocks, etc.

PPTV into smart phones

PPTV video website will launch smartphones, detailed information will be announced at the end of the month.

in the wave of Internet companies do cell phones are enjoying, PPTV into the office a little late. First introduced this year, le networks become independent brand smartphone video web sites. Work last year and qihoo 360 and cool cool technology, its management with great god mobile phones and cool.

integrate ctrip, elong the infinite power of

elong appointed Jiang Hao, CEO of ctrip wireless division elong CEO, while in elong elong former CEO guangfu cui as an adviser. This appointment means that ctrip to elong reform officially started. Ctrip integration elong the first step, appointed ctrip “brothers” to elong “supervisor”.

parenting website raised nearly hk $300 million O2O market

: tong platform parenting website officially listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange gem, raise hk $293.2 million. Parenting website has said the listing raised will be used in: children’s electric business related business development, 20% of the funds will be input to the development of electronic commerce and related O2O business, on the other hand, will be about 20% of the funds will be used in: to buy or invest in other children’s related business.

Chinese online proposed $2 billion overweight “entertainment”

IP hot prompted more and more companies pay attention to “entertainment”, Beijing Chinese online digital publishing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “online” in Chinese) is no exception, and plans to raise 2 billion yuan invested in “entertainment” based on the IP digital content direction and the direction of online education.

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