Syl Chao opened his briefcase, silver on the desk. He skillfully wearing white gloves, gently opened the front three rectangular white sand paper of the equipment. Like a diffuse wei company production of a film scene: a villain, the evil smile, revealed his ambition of world domination. Chao dress is perfect fit scene: tailored blue suit, thick glasses and taken care of brown hair, science and the atmosphere of a madman. Syl Chao (Syl is the abbreviation of Chao name), Turing Robotic Industries, chief executive, the company name sounded like iron man, Tony Stark imprisoned. And Chao opened three mobile phone, color, size large, square, angular, and traditional concepts of the mobile phone is very different. It looks like at any time can grow arms and antenna, then kill. With three veil fall to the ground, Chao began to speak: “not everyone would like to open a Volkswagen, some people like Aston Martins, some people like lamborghini, while others like a ferrari. Now, most of the mobile phone is Volkswagen.” But Chao hands is a super sports car.

Turing Phone use 5.5 screen, Android 5.1 system, sound and there is nothing special, but it is absolutely and have you ever seen any Phone is different. It has a sharp curve, color back shell, the back with a decorative design, this is borrowed from the design of spacecraft, and after thousands of times, that’s right, is the result of thousands of times repeatedly modified sketch. The spacecraft in the science fiction film star through Endurance, but also to Turing Phone design provides numerous inspiration. Turing Phone has three models: Pharaoh (Pharaoh), Cardinal (Cardinal), as well as Beowulf (Beowulf). Each kind of color and material learnt the elements from the name of the story. Such as national epic Beowulf is the 8th century Britain, the poem is called a monster Grendel’s half-human, while Beowulf scales grain on mobile phone shell, is derived from the prototype Grendel’s mother. This kind of speculation, indeed even if it has 13 million pixels main camera, still lead a 8000000 megapixel camera, but slightly outdated Xiao dragon processor on collocation, just a little is not enough. Memory although there are 32 gb and 128 gb, but entry-level only 16 g memory space. The phone also has no USB, no headphone jack, it is only a special interface, a bit like apple MacBook MagSafe interface, and a little bit like bluetooth interface.

Turing Phone software is completely custom. Chao before launch new it just out of a few main screen, but he is confident the phone can shock the world. He promised that the Android system has carried on the comprehensive system maintenance, hundred Google version a few streets. In his imagination, the phone must be the good partner of stylist, Chao is a designer. Those who want to or unusual way, tired of the whole universe are black rectangle phone, also will like this kind of mobile phone.

liquid metal alloy (Liquidmorphium) more than aluminum and steel hardness, seconds kill existing mainstream material, lead the new trend of the mobile phone industry

although not ready to take this as the stunt, but Turing do all the time in the process of the design of the Phone not to consider safety factor. Almost every a core application for end-to-end encryption. Mobile phone even built-in Turing of coin, the meaning of this new word is the currency of the digital encryption, Chao hope it can be popular, he laughed, once the Turing “true fire, so literally, the mobile phone you will be waiting for your appreciation, buy is to earn. All these features, via cell phone on the side of the fingerprint recognizer to activate, as far as possible save server and third-party software, Turing company is also trying to develop a application interface, want the other mobile phone users can also use these functions. In short, Turing Phone is absolutely safe, refuse to be black.

of course, this phone has a characteristic is indestructible. It is made of liquid metal alloy (liquidmorphium), which is Turing Phone is the most cool place, like diffuse wei’s “iron man” in reality. Liquid metal is harder than steel and aluminum alloy, in seconds to kill all the mainstream material manufacturing industry, is to lead the new trend of the mobile phone industry. Apple is also extensive use of the material, but only on the iPhone SIM card slot, however, he also said the iPhone 7 should be more use of this material. Turing Phone waterproof function also is very good, thanks to its internal components on the nano coating, but the use of rubber seal, the whole can be open. SYL Chao said that if you put the Turing Phone fell in the water, because the Phone is not sealed, so will fill. But don’t worry, get out, then slammed a left, then go do anything she likes.

“remember the three features: privacy key, liquid metal and nano coating”, Chao said: “these features like GPS, wi-fi, and early smartphone’s camera. People began to always ask: ‘I want these functions have Mao Yong? ‘but then, these functions have become the standard. In the future, if you don’t have a liquid metal, nano coating and a secret key, and perhaps will be eliminated. Some people may not believe what he said these words, it would be quoted him another sentence: “I can assure you that I talk about these three things, the company is also considering.”

Turing Phone on July 31, open purchase in advance, for the first time open purchase in advance is a 16 gb version, $610 (RMB 3787). Pre phones are unlocked version, use quite free, Chao also said it was and the operators, try to make this kind of mobile phone use more freedom.

whether right or wrong, both for their own Turing Phone, or on the earth all other mobile phones, Chao never express my views are outspoken. Turing Phone upcoming, but this is not a Turing Robotics Industries in the end, everything is just beginning. At present, Chao and his team are working on battery technology, he said need eight months time to prepare, the day of success, the world will be one of the same. Chao said: “our ultimate plan is to develop a robot housekeeper, service People’s Daily life. To this end, we are studying machine with human consciousness, yes, not artificial intelligence, but artificial consciousness.”

iron man will be proud of.


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