KFit, newly log in the asia-pacific region, to provide customers convenient fitness service company, acquired by sequoia capital brought $3.25 million in financing.

this round followed after KFit undisclosed seed round, message service after announced in May. KFit by its former head of the Asia Pacific region Joel founded Neoh, creation inspiration from many companies in the United States used the marketing strategy, users pay a fixed subscription fees, can be arbitrarily in different venues can enjoy fitness course. ClassPass, B round of $40 million in January, and bought a race to the FitMob, is outstanding in this operation mode.

but, unlike the United States, Asian sports dues higher prices, this is decided by the survival of the gym cost. Neoh said KFit aims to improve people’s fitness consciousness, the fitness popularization, and not just for regular fitness people to provide better service, our goal is to put the bread market in painting.

KFit has developed six markets in the asia-pacific region: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney. Ambitious, plan in the next 18 months, the development of city number increased to 20 to 30. “We hope that we can enter into all the cities of Asia, every capital city.” Neoh said.

this round of financing guarantee KFit over the next 12 to 18 months of operation, but if in the process, show rapid expansion will lead to greater market potential, the company could raise more capital.

at present, KFit to specific Numbers to keep it a secret. The company has about 100 employees, the talk of more than 1000 partners in the asia-pacific region. Including a gym and sports venues, such as tennis courts, total number of users more than 100000 people.

as its former boss, Neoh has rich experience in e-commerce, has a lot to the possibility of making KFit develop other kinds of services in the future, such as sports equipment or other retail options. Founder said, at present the main task is to expand the scope of business, but may be “evolution” in the future.

this operation mode is very attractive, because it and the adjust measures to local conditions, and the characteristics of the on-demand service adopted Uber striking similarities. That is to say, KFit remains the core team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, both security technology, and business concentration. The local team by recruiting, make services more local characteristic.

to KFit next expectation, except expansion, iOS and android mobile phone application is developed. Neoh, said the next few weeks, it may achieve. Currently only web service, but the Asian users mobile phone priority use habits contains a huge market potential.


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