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ryongyon network was established in July 2013, focusing on mobile game issue; In October 2014, obtain the means of science and technology innovation factory, chengdu tens of millions of yuan in A round of funding, valuation, two hundred million; In July for zhejiang newspaper media fund led the $100 million B round, company valuations of nearly 1 billion. To this, hunting cloud network ryongyon CEO long-fei li for the interview.

just long-fei li, 21, 2009 graduated from sichuan university school of economics, get a lot of offers, in addition to tencent, there are many such as vanke, longhu real estate. That was when the real estate is hot, and tencent is all offer to pay the lowest inside, a lot of friends have suggested him to go to real estate enterprises to work. But unexpectedly chosen to tencent long-fei li.

“I university determined to start a startup, thought once you enter the real estate industry, later want to entrepreneurship is difficult, and the mobile Internet is a new direction in the future, the absolute infinite possibility, so I resolutely choose to tencent.” Long-fei li explained to hunt cloud network.

after entering tencent, long-fei li met China’s top Internet companies is how to operate, what is their attention of the user, but more importantly how to focus on the user experience, how to do a product manager. After this stage accumulation, the products have been engaged in operating long-fei li is quite valuable.

from tencent left, long-fei li and join a snack OS team with wisdom star, or continue to engage in product operation, after this long-fei li thinking a question: a lot of App users is very big, why there’s no way to profit, there are tens of millions of DAU, don’t earn a penny, terrible… And a friend once said to him: “choice is more important than hard”, so long-fei li began to reconsider his future.
(hunting cloud network note: DAU, active users)

long-fei li in the startup before to see how an enterprise from scratch, how to transform, it gave him a lot. Coincided with blowout game industry, he has been at the same time also like games, long-fei li feel found want to engaged in the industry, can begin.

in July 2013, the registered ryongyon network in chengdu, focused on mobile game issue. Beginning the whole team a total of six men, a responsible business, three runs, a responsible for technology, long-fei li himself is responsible for the overall control and searching to find project, money.

from the beginning, stylized ryongyon network took the target are doing mobile game, do really fun game, because only the high quality of the game to provide sustainable growth. Long-fei li think that only from the user perspective, to see the game as a product manager, rather than merely producer’s point of view, so as to focus on the user experience, make real fun game to play.

ryongyon network issue is the first game of the combat alert, although there is no exception, games monthly water had never break through 20 million, but the game always top-up water close to 300 million, as of now still have a month to keep running at around 10 million.

“ryongyon like the game of long term, long term game means that broke out in the short term will not particularly fast, but in the long term sustainable income can bring to the company. Another point of view, from the company operating the long-term stable game can give companies a bigger development and space, we will be more comfortable.” Long-fei li convective cloud network said.

in January this year, ryongyon network issue first MOBA tour the war of the free hand, launched five months DAU millionaire, according to the latest figures DAU has exceeded 1.5 million, 80% of android users. Ryongyon network and TT the war of freedom of speech to build FPL professional league in early July, hot team a total of 43000 teams signed up for the contest.
(hunting cloud network note: MOBA, tactical competitive multiplayer online game)

“we found in last year when the war of freedom, this game is only a preliminary Demo, but we think it may be the world’s first real competitive MOBA mobile game, finally decided to bet on the company nearly most of the cash to sign this game, it was a bit of gamble, but we are confident that final market is fully verified our vision.” Long-fei li recalls with a smile.

in April this year, ryongyon exclusive distribution network rhea, Taiwan production of high quality single the Implosion Implosion “, the App Store Feature is recommended for a month, its 60 yuan pricing and thus triggered discussion and shook the whole industry. Ryongyon network currently has established strategic partnership and rhea, rhea, alone the generation game distribution in mainland China, including the implosion “Deemo Cytus.

sign “the battle of freedom”, “implosion” actually is a big decision for ryongyon, was also facing many questions, but long-fei li they especially aware of what is, so for this kind of high quality is a must win game. Facts have proven that they are indeed brought ryongyon returns, but also can develop together.

this year July 3, ryongyon network completed B round of funding, the amount of RMB 100 million. Investors, deputy general manager of zhejiang newspaper media Li Qing think ryongyon network team is young but very good, have acute sense of reading ability, to the market competitors swim issue and IP operation has a unique understanding, investors optimistic about long life cycle of competitive games and the development of high quality IP, agree with ryongyon development concept, the two sides will be committed to the mobile game in the future competition and cooperation.

“on average, the company’s operations team to examine every day 2-3 game, contact a game development team. We won’t be easy, but as long as the target, will have the courage to try.” Summarizes up the company to the rapid development of gene, long-fei li, said ryongyon focus on game product itself, dares to dig the mobile game of the red sea blue ocean market.

long-fei li introduced the after B round of funding to the hunting cloud network, ryongyon network planning mainly has three aspects:
1, on the basis of the war of freedom to build FPL league, and the absorption of other games, e-sports first to create mobile games;
2, joint innovation works through the way of investment, mergers and acquisitions to build its own system of IP, seize their own IP a core competitiveness;
3, around their own game brand, continue to develop, through cartoon, animation, and other game surrounding forms to their own brand into a well-known brand.

in the end, for the current entrepreneurial boom, long-fei li in the experience of their own experience, the team is good, the patience to make high quality products, with the results to verify the strength in the market, to attract investors rather than looking for investors.

dry summary:
1, the mobile Internet business model is best game.
2, subversive innovation is always to the places in the childhood, reality will always be beyond our imagination.
3, really good service is to charge, charge for the service to let users at ease.
4, focus to do one thing than the energy spread to the whole industry chain is more meaningful.
5, the team is good, to make the high quality product, the nature will be able to attract investors.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting the Implosion Implosion “7 31 , will be in Beijing wangfujing Apple store for a day campaign, this is Apple global offer stores as a game offline promotion for the first time.

company: ryongyon network technology co., LTD.

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