(word/Liu Sijing)

not every electricity product team can cow X to the PC, the App, such as micro mall platform construction of complete function, operation of colorful, maybe they need a can help to solve these problems.

mobile is an e-commerce solutions provider, to provide the electric business platform operation solutions, providing customers with each big electric business platform mall in BSS, APP development, micro structures, such as mall service. Services include electricity service content and the technical service content two aspects: electricity service content provides Internet e-commerce development, operation, electric business platform, channel set up. Technical service content: WeChat marketing, WeChat account service development, public WeChat mall platform, APP client development.

mobile at present the main business is divided into three modules:

the mall: help businesses quickly on WeChat implement product display, product purchase, mobile payment, order management, logistics management group and member discount, etc.

micro interaction: targeted marketing services, such as online coupons, rotary draw, WeChat membership card, etc.

Within the micro site:

industry template contains a wide variety of styles, and expect to have each small and medium-sized businesses and individuals have their own web sites.

founder Chen Junxi said, at present mainly in the field of mobile business in micro mall module, micro interaction and micro site belongs to the micro value-added module in the mall to customize. Micro mall module is expected to solve WeChat public platform itself function insufficiency, the pertinence is not strong, the interaction is not convenient, and compared with the App, micro mall for consumers will achieve the goal of a province traffic, need not download, use more convenient. In the mobile space online won the angel rounds of up to 5 million yuan of investment.

in micro mall platform, each into businesses must have offline store, must have the id card, when applying for business license, certificate of individual enterprise’s tax and other information, can enter after trial. In prophase, the “mobile” invite merchants, the merchants localization of each category cover again after expanding to surrounding areas. And plan to shop in after charge a deposit, the aim is to ensure the quality of business services, word of mouth “buy insurance” for the brand. Online until now, has more than 3600 in shenzhen local merchants.

mobile every month in the background to businessman to do a comprehensive service score, score decide next year whether to continue the cooperation with the business, if the score can not reach the standard is to cancel the contract.

to push to remove the way, in the early online, part of the team and offline businesses done meeting type is recommended. In the future, the mobile space for some big brand merchants also plans to guest, guest businessmen can enjoy preferential and offline promotion policy priority to rent.

founder Chen Junxi said, the feature of the mobile space is the micro mall can be customized. Mobile can access, according to user needs to do micro store distribution platform access and custom marketing tool, with the user’s advice is given priority to, but before that will do a series of internal assessment to user’s requirement, if do not meet the market demand will be rejected.

at present, the mobile space by extracting the service fee to the businessman, customized value-added services to profit, the future will be on the basis of the existing profit model to increase cash flow.

Chen Junxi revealed that mobile will soon complete the alipay merchants access plan, and plan and some enterprises to do promotion, such as some installed user guide to consumption platform, mobile will provide installed column for the user to choose from. In the later will consider localization access to education, to integrate all the resources localization.

the micro letter fire, many people are in the market at a micro mall industry prospects, the good and evil people mixed up result in today’s market, and attached to the other platform is not a long-term solution. In the interview, the founder Chen Junxi has also revealed to the hunting cloud network late in the product development team want to transition to the idea of a “taobao” mobile end, self-contained platform to do rather than cut type platform, to build their own mobile terminal products.