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name, restructuring, downsizing seems to have become Microsoft in 10 outside Windows nu brush existence way. In the first round big layoffs will soon celebrate the anniversary Della offerings, Microsoft’s second round big layoffs also from rumours in the reality. , and finally will be “tough choices” into action: Beijing time late July 8, announced that Microsoft will to a fundamental restructuring of its mobile phone business, it will cut 7800 jobs, most will take roughly $7.6 billion related to buy nokia related assets impairment charges, though there was the move and expressed Microsoft but will continue to adhere to the mobile phone business.

the move shows that: Microsoft admitted that its acquisition of nokia devices and services division of the buy in the moment is lost, Windows is the Microsoft guided dou, Microsoft’s failed attempt in the current in the mobile market. But Microsoft still won’t give up the smartphone business, and in the short and long term, Microsoft will continue to Mobile phone business, promote 10 Mobile Windows system, and make the company Mobile phone inspire innovative catalyst Windows camps. in the face of Microsoft’s current open and future planning, I want to talk about the following three questions here.

a, who should be responsible for the failure?

since Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business, the failure of the deal’s voice is heard. On the phone, two departments under the pain killer is the default for the sound, now write-downs of $7.6 billion is confirmed Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business did not achieve the expected effect. But the loss who to pay for it? Who should be responsible for the failure of Microsoft mobile phone business? Ballmer or,?

personal think, more should pay for it: ballmer to Windows Phone consumer dug several pit, but when facing crisis in Windows Phone has bought a nokia mobile Phone business in order to ensure the continued presence of Windows Phone; But, in the company of Microsoft, dying, did not give him a mouthful of water.

although ballmer buy nokia mobile Phone business, trying to make Microsoft’s software and integration is not necessarily correct, but from the time of the environment, Mr Ballmer buy nokia mobile Phone sector seems to be more efforts for the Windows Phone for many years only to protect, is on his original steal unsuccessful to pay. Known to the industry: nokia to bet on a Windows Phone, the company relies on active innovation and forward-looking hardware design advantage, quickly established leadership in the Windows Phone camp, highest market share is still more than 90%, so that the company has become synonymous with Windows Phone. But Microsoft’s ballmer period let WP7.5 cannot upgrade WP8 hole, Microsoft has been to build Surface Phone rumors, eyes dark sent with manufacturers such as HTC, and the most main Windows Phone years development the present situation of the doldrums, let nokia has the plan of the stove. Nokia started trying to was its refusal to android, low-end smartphone nokia X series. This makes Microsoft felt the crisis, if nokia gave up Windows Phone again, so there is no doubt that is a total failure of Microsoft’s mobile efforts for many years. So ballmer in Windows Phone in crisis, despite public opposition, still bought a nokia mobile Phone business, to save Windows Phone will be able to continue to exist.

but dying in the company of Microsoft,, but I did not give him a mouthful of water. , its not on Windows Phone, there were:, who is one of the opponents of the acquisition, and the opposition in his ruling reflect incisively and vividly. After taking office, formulated the “mobile first, cloud first” the transformation of the strategy. Microsoft on the iOS system and Android system showed unusual, the familiar Office, Skype, OneNote, OneDirve, applications such as Outlook, MSN, and the latest Microsoft applications and some exclusive “Microsoft project” garage Xbox game on iOS system and Android system, its experience is more superior to Windows Phone.

and the iOS system and Android system showed unusual attention in contrast to its own Windows Phone system “very cold”. How to say very cold? Let’s see, what did you do to know. First is for mobile department layoffs, from the first 12500 people to the 7800 people who occupy an absolute majority, from nokia mobile phone business department to Microsoft’s employees is running out; The second is Microsoft makes their application to the WP system of their own; Finally more of their own the company product update rhythm on: not only cut down the rumors in the 2014’s flagship model “McLaren”, but also Build since 2014, congress has yet to carry the Windows Phone colors can launch a new flagship, previously supported earnestly Lumia1520, Lumia930 has shelves by Microsoft. Now, even if you want to buy Microsoft’s flagship product, you can’t buy, this is Microsoft’s ridiculous reality. The new flagship although rumors, but exactly when to come? According to the current Windows 10 Mobile completion, this time is a long way. And all this makes Microsoft’s Windows Phone market share once fell to 2.29% from 4% previously. , not as, in the company is the leading cause of Windows Phone market share further thrust.

2, a fundamental restructuring of the handset business could promote Microsoft mobile reborn?

Microsoft for the restructuring of the mobile phone business, actually completed in Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia devices and services has been going on, the first round of layoffs, build Microsoft equipment group, in the year to June elop, restructuring of Microsoft’s senior management, the hardware equipment business to the company’s executive vice President terry myerson leadership, forming a group and equipment by the Windows system composed of new department, these are the restructuring. This time, announced on the fundamental restructuring, just will restructure more violent.

and induce its expression in the mail, generally can be understood as: Microsoft, though fundamental restructuring was carried out on the Mobile phone business, but Microsoft will not give up Mobile phone business, Microsoft will continue to launch the company Mobile phone, and continue to promote Windows 10 Mobile system. Microsoft will streamline the mobile phone product lines at the same time, the main business will be “business clients oriented enterprise market, focus on customers and ratio of Windows fans of” the three market segments. In the short term, Microsoft will focus on operations more efficient mobile strategy, launch better products, and speed up the public; But in the long run, Microsoft’s equipment will promote innovation, to create a new product category, and create business opportunities for the Windows ecosystem, Microsoft’s mobile phone business strategy will be independent from development to development and create a vibrant Windows ecosystem.”

, mail, clearly shows the fact that Microsoft officials finally determine the target user group of the company mobile phone, has established the company what the mobile phone in the development of Windows ecological role. The company mobile phones will also get rid of the present model is multifarious and differentiation small status quo. And from the two aspects: the restructuring is the company mobile phone a rebirth. walking step by step, Microsoft is to face reality at the same time, it is perspective to develop the company in a more fusion mobile phone business, make the company mobile phone software and hardware combined more closely.

the company mobile phone business integration, and make it really have a chance to become a “focus on productivity and help people to make more, creating the best personal computing equipment and experience” strategy of rendering, make it the best fusion of Microsoft applications, operating systems, and USES hardware to showcase Microsoft cloud services, a digital work and life experience of the best side, increasing the value of Microsoft’s overall strategy of the great mission. Home and in the end, the company Mobile phone is aligning with Surface series, become a Mobile and subsequent Microsoft Windows 10 benchmark model of the Mobile system, making it a stimulating innovation partners catalyst Windows camps.

of course, the above is only a theoretical state, back to reality, Microsoft’s restructuring can work? From all the aspects of the present, will inevitably is difficulties and obstacles, its each target audience will face a powerful attack from competitors. So, Microsoft must be set by the progress of the three segment, regardless of ecological problems, board test of Microsoft: the company after the reorganization, if really can be seamlessly integrated into the, development, and create a vibrant ecosystem of Windows; Microsoft will put out new products in the company can let a person shine at the moment of design and innovation, can you give everyone convincing reason to buy. And how will follow-up, perhaps can only wait for Microsoft’s flagship model appeared to know a thing or two.

, for Microsoft Windows Phone ecological developers what effect?

this reorganization, involving another question is: for Microsoft will have a significant impact on ecology and the developer? But from the present situation of Microsoft Windows Phone ecosystem and developers and Microsoft’s strategy, personally think that although there is more close to little, even I also can say this is a positive.

the first is that the developer had recognized the failure of the Windows Phone ecosystem. Although Microsoft admitted by write-downs, restructuring of its failure in the mobile market, but this kind of failure, actually everybody already knows, each big media reporting on its failure has never stopped. So developers for the Windows Phone ecosystem of reality and market share, is know well. Now Microsoft for mobile business restructuring, clear their audience and product positioning, sharp contractions their product line (reports that Microsoft has since a year for each segment most launch one or two mobile phone), this helps Microsoft focus on the optimization of product to do more. Microsoft made originally by the company, on the other hand, almost fully occupy the market share to WP partner, let partners models play a space will be bigger, to absorb more of the partners involved.

the second is that Microsoft’s current main strategy focused on the Windows above 10, Microsoft calls for developers to follow up the platform is Windows 10, to take advantage of Microsoft Windows desktop 10 end to feedback the mobile end. The advantage is obvious on Microsoft in the desktop. In Windows 10 this kind of have the same kernel, unified app store, let developers in the development and application can be one-time adapter PC, mobile terminal, the XBOX One game platform and the future of the Internet of things and black technology HoloLens unified operating system before, I have repeatedly amway way: this is the next Microsoft developers plot, the nuggets for developers, the market prospect of wide degree and gold content is extremely huge. Developers should be quick to follow up Windows 10, now is still at blue ocean in the market to open a new road to the nuggets.

four, conclusion of

from the WP7, WP7.5 to WP8, 8.1, and is still in the modified Win10 Mobile, Microsoft has always been a moving dream, but all the way walk stumbled. Now admits after failure, announced that a fundamental restructuring, a lot of people think this is Microsoft’s failed completely, but careful consideration, actually this restructuring, to the company mobile Phone, for developers and Windows Phone ecosystem should not be a bad thing. Although these challenges, questioning, but and also have the chance to nirvana reborn, I wish Microsoft after radical restructuring, really make the company mobile phone development and create a powerful assistant for Windows ecosystem teeming with life.

PS: with Microsoft failure of current mobile phone business, would you like to say to entrepreneurs more important digression. from Microsoft and nokia the end of the deal, both are losers. , instead of a comeback nokia lost its crown jewels, Microsoft didn’t catch up with falling movement, return is writedowns. But taking a serious look, nokia is the final winner: the mobile phones business a loss of baggage to Microsoft, might themselves to the development telecom network terminal business, its not only took Microsoft money, also saved his own patent, to make it still remained quite influential in the mobile phone, and can also be back at any time, after the expiry of his contract is far-sighted strategy. But wily behind is the source of nokia has Microsoft had to buy. Through both sides of the deal, I also want to brag about to all the friends to share I conclude from this case that a few simple truth:

1, choosing partners, be sure to choose the right person, if it’s wrong, even if myself making every possible way martial arts, but still not as good as the pig teammates give you dig a hole at the back;

2, whether cooperation or itself, should do our best to master others without core, grasp the product of “Ming, this is the key, it can only be in you to me to fight the Chinese passive to active.

3, come out to mix, sooner or later will be also.