(text/Zheng Dian)

in recent years, with the old man and child trafficking happened frequently lost, the safety of vulnerable groups problem caused the wide attention of the society. Since 2014, the field of information security to flourish, if timely know the old man and the child’s geographical location, is undoubtedly a lock for security. Mobile cloud positioning software “micro” to family, friends, the location of the safety as a starting point, the user can understand home in children, the elderly and other loved ones at any time instant position, protect the safety of his family, prevent vicious incident.

“micro” main founder has experience of security software. After many selection and analysis, the company positioning for a location service vendors, the team has opted to use the mobile Internet do provide guarantee for the safety of the children and the elderly. Development so far, “see” the number of users will soon break through 100000.

the popularity of smart phones to “see” the widespread use of laid a foundation. Through smart phone GPS, bluetooth, GSM module, WIFI module for mobile location information, combined with the “micro” background analysis accurately, confirm the location of user’s phone.

Luo Hui is one of the founders of “see”, he introduced the “micro” to the hunting cloud network of two core functions:

1, check the location: family members in the mobile phone installation of parents and children “see” and are good friends, parents can through their own mobile phones at any time to see children’s location.

2, geography records: records assistant is similar to the position, “see” through the large data storage technology, the installation of the “see” the position of the mobile phone time to upload, users every day where to go, where to stay, can be recorded automatically, and can view the location history at any time.

can “see” real-time check and monitor the family security, to query and real-time positioning trajectory. In addition, the “micro” also has anti turn, prevent lost function, the security zone setting function (away from the safe zone alarm) and sensitive alarm functions (such as Internet cafes, river, etc.), a key for help functions, etc.

product is not in the minority, similar to the micro see some started earlier than “see”. Luo Hui think “micro” and have their own characteristics, not the other similar software as a rival. First of all, the “micro” would do from the positioning software and hardware input, from technology promoting service ability of location. Second, the “micro” building is an open platform, open to the idea of building ecological platform, help partners, traditional enterprise quickly obtain the cloud, mobile Internet and intelligence capabilities.

hunting cloud network learned that in addition to the mobile phone as a location acquisition terminal, “micro” will also develop hardware products, such as watches, positioning positioning module, etc., to build location-based services of software and hardware platform and ecosystem. Luo Hui said, customer value is top priority “micro”, it is not too concerned about business model the piece, which represents the “micro” in the short term will not profit or profit ability is bad. “Micro” has not been financing, but look forward to cooperating with investment institutions.