a campaign, how to transfer the participants enthusiasm, improve the atmosphere, increasing the audience liked? The best way is to let the stage the audience with hi. Hunting cloud network recently focused on product field “Hi” is an on-site interaction to let the players play together.

the scene “Hi” is a free wall of micro letter production tools, can through the big screen synchronous display the audience interaction, with the help of micro letter platform, realize the words, pictures, voting, lottery, check-in, guests show fans synchronization on the wall and other functions. Participants through the shake phone can participate in interactive games, and real-time display on the big screen game process and results; Hosts can block or the content of the event issued improper filtering, but also with the help of the “Hi” record data, statistical activities effect. Suitable for meetings, activities, party, party, wedding and so on various occasions, also can help the micro letter number public with powder and propaganda.

the scene “Hi” there are two versions, the binding version and web version. Binding edition binding WeChat to public account, fill out the relevant WeChat public account information, and modify the WeChat public platform server configuration, in the interactive WeChat page. Micro web edition is inside the micro letter public account, by setting the custom menu links or keywords, enter the page of “Hi scene” interaction.

hosts can choose according to oneself circumstance for their version of the activity. Two versions in the interactive rendering the results, the binding version, participants saw on his mobile phone is your hair message, others send message, need through the large screen view. Using micro web edition, can double screen view, not only through the big screen, and participants in mobile terminal can synchronize view too. In addition, to participate in activities in the form of different, binding, backstage after setting up the voting keywords, began to shake to vote or participate in game, the organizers need to let you input the keywords into voting or shake page; Micro web version, in the interaction of participants page, in the lower left click on the “interaction” button to select “vote” or “wave”, can participate in.

compared with microblog wall, the “Hi” micro letter wall is more simple, easy to operate, without input topic like weibo editor sent again, and the product itself the vote, lottery, shake to participate in the games, and other functions also can drive the whole interaction. Micro letter screens provide similar services, but the vote, sweepstakes, and other functions will charge a fee to the organizers.

the scene “Hi” to the beginning of may this year, products, founder of the han cho said in an interview with hunting cloud network, currently registered users has 5000 +, with the scene “Hi” micro letter activity at a time when tens of thousands of cases of the wall.

a team will be according to the on-site interaction do next game is related to money, such as counting money, is not only realized that the virtual pleasure, but to really into micro letter envelopes stuffed can withdrawal form; In addition, make a team ranked a wave can be game, in the company annual meeting, etc., promote participation.

business model building, han qiu told hunting cloud network, products are provided free of charge to users, and is currently pursuing can use, to use, in order to attract a large number of user registration, use, and hope to become a sponsor advertising platform; Second, the platform allows personnel in familiar with products, and for its authorized to provide offline support for new users, to charge a service fee. Moreover, manufacturer’s personalized demand for certain activities, such as WeChat wall style, background, logo and other Settings, the platform can be used as an interface to help decorate design activities.

“Hi the scene” for the China open its incubation products, by Hi live studio responsible for research and development. Wan han cho, according to previous research and development funds provided by the China open, but not yet get outside investment, hope can be introduced.