(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

the end of the day on the job, the city lights, we may be in a retail store, the store seller may “stampede”, said beautifully, irrelevant, you also have to jilt to give them a figure, the remaining assistants “messy” in the wind, the boss is also “look in the eye, painful in my heart”. micro group of age, from the service of retail stores have been criticized, elaborating the MAS system, hope to give the seller can “Wolf”, self driven, wants to let the boss smile.

rafnar b is a small group of the CEO and CTO of The Times, master of computer engineering, tsinghua university, in kingdee, we software companies such as position of seasoning products for many years, the other co-founder rafnar b friends sharing weal and woe, rafnar b entrepreneurship and now for the first time in the group of the second venture of The Times, a few people, also are deep in the retail industry for many years, filed a traditional retail spot. Responsible for market cooperation Chen Aiwen tell hunting cloud network: “our team is flattening management, familial team culture, team atmosphere is very warm, guo once the total umbrella is broken, someone took a needle and thread to give him joint sealing good, this team can inspire people’s creativity and vitality.”

the product research and development of era after more than a year of years vicissitudes of life presence in March this year, there are four brands store business to stretch out the “olive branch” micro group of age. micro group of age for small and medium-sized retail enterprises to provide a set of solutions, first multidimensional mining products selling point and information and through personalized brand image display, such as 3 d display, overall product specification information take in everything in a glance, can saving the cost of paper printing, graphic display let enterprise image more substantial; Second, the store manager can center “scale”, through BI data report analysis of operating costs, grasping the direction of sales, etc.

micro group of age for shop assistants are well-meaning, personalized commodity knowledge base, video scenes to help the salesman use of fragmented time self learning. Micro group of age also pursue “clicked”, to help enterprises to launch enterprises let work more, online enterprise group as a net chatting, and some of the information of display and store management wants to let the boss to “sleep”.

rafnar b told hunting cloud network: “compared to the internal management system is a complete big retail giant, but the internal management of small and medium-sized retail enterprises, some even in a great mess, the seller of the store specialized quality is uneven, enterprise training also feel weak. Micro review after market pain points in the first group of age, help enterprises to build brand image, mining, and and senior corporate advisory management industry cooperation development enterprise training course.”

micro group of time mainly do mobile end MAS, stores can choose to lease way using micro group of system, only need to pay for 5 to 10 yuan per month, the group can according to demand and the status quo “suit the remedy to the case”, multidimensional mining and display, and can be personalized customization. Store assistants can buy mobile tablet learning knowledge, professional introduction to commodity selling point and considerate service. for consumers not to download the APP, simply sweep WeChat code goods can be clear at a glance, and a key collection and online payment function. Rafnar b said, the group of more hope stores make it a perfect experience shops and leisure square.

for store management system of the good and bad are intermingled, such as tube husband’s family stores management software, Derby stores management platform, patted store management platform, Webstore king stores, etc., for store management market development is “means”, abuse is obvious, however, are either too traditional, too crude. Relative to the main page shows high store management system, micro group of age also have their own characteristics, tell hunting cloud network rafnar b: “micro group of age has a professional team, to store the relatively more complete solutions, from consumer to the seller to provide a complete set of services company.” of course, don’t touch the C side only for B also has some difficulties in the development and promotion.

retail industry is a very closed enterprise, market service must be sealed to the vertical precision, micro group of precise time want to do. The retail industry are in urgent need of a makeover, the pain points are also countless of the industry, such as backward marketing system, stores the vision is very poor, Chinese traditional management method, etc., many retail enterprises are also looking for solutions, micro group of age is thinking of retail + Internet, break the traditional “wave” of the retail industry.

the micro group of age have angel round, 2.0 will be released in the second half of the products.