the UK membership of high-end travel websites, won $60 million in financing. Remove the Index Ventures and Octopus Investments two old investment relationship, Google Ventures also joined the camp.

Google Ventures partners on twitter this morning revealed Google to participate in the news of the new financing.

in 2012, Secret Escapes raised $8 million, to support local plan, at the same time developing the business of the United States, Germany and the Nordic countries. Took several times in the past few years, Secret Escapes small acquisitions, the acquisition or aimed at online competitors, or to expand their business sector.

as a result of the new capital injection and the rapid growth of global goal, Secret Escapes may make more acquisitions. Since 2011, according to a report the IBT website online, Secret Escapes has sold nearly 2 million number of room nights (unit of measure) of room occupancy, with over 19 million members worldwide.

in July last year, due to the entrepreneurial potential on the European market, Google Ventures set up a new company in London, this is it the fourth startup investment in Europe. And the investment is to invest in UK companies for the first time.

London, the other investment projects of the new company include: music copyright processing platform, personalization, publishers and predict the marketing start-ups. At the same time, also invested in Oxford University science and technology innovation, product technical support from Oxford University science.


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