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are you home is a membership-based e-commerce platform, 29, is launched last month. As the rise of a big electric business platform for cultivating the user’s consumption habits, the promptness of mobile payment, the buying behavior of people has been changed, this is home appliances in succession choice at this point in time online in the first place.

are you home card into the quarter and year, quarter card 30 yuan a piece, a year 100 yuan, the first registered users free quarterly membership card, members can delay the duration of the membership card at any time. After consumers to become a member to purchase goods will enjoy a 10% discount below the normal price.

vertical electrical contractor the short-term quick soliciting through subsidies, but stretched positioning will limit commodity, continue to expand and profit ability is poor. Represented by jingdong general electric business covers wide range of services, product variety, has the support of a strong flow, but lack of high-end users against the service. And home appliances will target groups are accurately position at earning in 8 ~ 300000 yuan of the middle class.

are you home often tell winter hunting cloud network founder: “home appliances membership-based model in succession, is the blue ocean in mobile telephone, the red sea, which is the middle class in the shopping experience gap, middle-class consumers is not focus on the price of high and low, but found in the existing category of high quality goods.”

all home appliances including fresh fruits, grain and oil, dry milk, snacks, protect beauty makeup, household cleaning, maternal and child supplies, drinks seven categories. Shown on the platform of 700 + products are professional buyers overseas straight. As electrical goods class quickly disappear, household goods buy rise, mobile terminal purchase rate increase. Are home appliances focus hot imports, domestic demand relatively concentrated household quickly disappear. Focus on one of the most popular items, only one or two choices, each type of goods to reduce cost, improve turnover. In the process of sales in the form of large packaging, composite packaging for sale.

HuiGuHe several suppliers, distribution centers, completing at present in Beijing xinfadi set up his own storage warehouse, will consider next foothold in other cities. Express ways, are home appliances Yu Zhongtong, micro special, such as cooperation, can complete the regular distribution, time distribution, and fresh with orders, such as city orders about a day to reach consumers’ hands.

HuiGuGang on-line soon, in the product category is not comprehensive enough. Now in the stage of popularization, in order to attract consumers’ first single, free shipping, activity promotion stage full 59 RMB free shipping, after each order to pay the express fee of 10 yuan. Their profit comes from membership fees and commodity profits, in addition to the membership malls, and timing for push guide “discovered” plate.

are you often in winter in 2002, graduated from tsinghua university master’s founder, who served as the wave gold COO, wave gold matrix partners of a $10 million investment in 2010, is also a co-founder of the new “daily” App. Home appliances in succession the next plan A round of funding to support the development of technology and products.

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Company: Beijing’s miracle network technology co., LTD.

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