saw BaoGuangHui is in the afternoon, he picked up a box of ice cream from the fridge handed me, smiled and said I thought you are boys.

this plot setting is a little warm, do not know this head PengSongSong curls in his eyes, belong to meimei about active users or core. Meimei is about BaoGuangHui set out to do a second Internet products, the first is the public village community platform, resource oriented way, mass village community almost covers all business, because of the “less than”, BaoGuangHui turned to cut consumption frequency, high activity of the beauty industry, he put the lighter meimei about public village called mode. BaoGuangHui give up HP offers to business college, struggle through the communications industry, when the mine in three years, real estate investment. Now he took 20 team develop the beauty industry market in Shanghai, four senior figures, a dozen after 90.

launched meimei about 3 month, 6 months after purchase rate reached 15%, the single situation every 2000 to 3000, the stylist average each month 400 list. Meimei about positioning for a reservation salon anytime and anywhere, hairdressing, manicure, reduce the peak industry shop store user waiting time and improve the beauty industry is a product of service quality and service efficiency of the beauty industry special reservation system.

BaoGuangHui said: “in my concept, mei-mei about user is divided into three categories: basic users, active users, and the core. Based users such as most of the demand for hair only daily simple boy, active users will through sun photos and other ways to contribute content, core users tap potential is very large.”

now do a lot of hair, represented by Shanghai pumpkin car at that time was very hot. BaoGuangHui say we want to do, not hair, but the beauty industry. From 0 to 1, from 1 to 10, with hair do incision, he wants to do?

in the hairdressing industry, the tide of Japanese culture is at the leader in the forefront of Asia and the world. And there was a channel of China and Japan, style innovation ability is poor, the industry trend information receiving less, slow speed. Industry most salon technician buy vs do training courses, in the changes of the information age, is absorbed by the relatively “old” reference.

“at home, this is a vicious cycle,” BaoGuangHui hand press on the table, “of Japan’s attention to a large extent of relaxed appearance treatment of hairdresser is reasonable, and the nature of this national carefully, they will be hundreds of self-made potions formula, there will be a special do only dish hair beauty hairdressing salon, this is creative on the inside. China plane to various costs and withhold, dozens of pieces of income is not as good as an hour hour Labour, no driving force for the development of the creative and textbook. I hope that the future of China technician is good craft can get the value return, matching the ability to get something better.”

you want to change this kind of industry status quo of information asymmetry, meimei about the copyright to the introduction of Japan, will cooperate hand information freely available to businesses and individuals to beautify hair studio. Now and meimei about the cooperation with Shanghai nearly 300 businesses, meimei will choose about 10%, which is 20 to 30 in-depth cooperation, do some extreme experience. Subsequent will do free hair monthly, to give more information in the industry, leading to forge a hairdressing fashion icon.

after meimei date to join in the application of secondary trading platform, we can make the membership card in the above second-hand transactions, form economic sharing feature, create stable circle for the community, increase user stickiness.

the industry, a joint fourth place among the top ten profiteering industry, “age”, she hugged, large enough market for BaoGuangHui user size is not enough, now he wants at the end of this year to early next year to cover the entire market in Shanghai. Shanghai hairdressing industry at present, have on proprietary and diversion mode of pumpkin, and beauty salon, etc. BaoGuangHui said: “the future I hope everyone can healthy development, as a businessman, I don’t reject mergers and acquisitions. 1 + 1 is greater than the sum of a lot of time, merger or acquisition. Who is the one who can go in the end it’s difficult to say, everyone in the road ahead.”