means of entrepreneurial camp is introduced:

“means of entrepreneurial camp” is the original by means of vc “investment + hatch” upgrade model integration. Means of venture capital, founded in 2013, invested by chengdu, BiLu technology co., LTD. Set up, mainly in the face of mobile games, social, financial and other Internet entrepreneurs to provide equity investment and business incubation and counseling. Since 2013 to now, our means of science and technology venture capital invested in more than 50 Internet start-up companies, of which more than 30 is based on “investment + hatch” mode of cooperation of enterprises.

means of venture capital for the enterprises with angel fund, a coaching and personnel support, office space and a series of support measures, effectively raise the survival rate of venture enterprises. The event that the incubation enterprise including wind network (top three game company in chengdu, the water 50 million yuan per month), natural science and technology (top three game company in chengdu, the water 50 million yuan per month), 51 trust (the fastest growing Internet financial startup), etc.

at the beginning of 2015, means of venture capital decision to the existing mode of business incubation systematization and standardization, set up the “means of entrepreneurial camp” and facing the whole country to recruit entrepreneurs, the first phase of nearly thousand team registration, through strict screening in place 12 entrepreneurial teams. “Means of entrepreneurial camp” with “Internet +” direction of venture project is given priority to, cutting-edge technology and potentially revolutionary business model. At present, the first issue of entrepreneurial projects have received five investors’ interest, developing good.

“means of entrepreneurial camp” hope since founding team has the original idea will help, help entrepreneurs realize from “0” to “1” across, reduced the probability of entrepreneurs in the earliest errors, thus greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. In the future, “means of entrepreneurial camp” will further expand scale, increase the cluster effect, focus on the Internet, global entrepreneurship resources, constantly help entrepreneurial teams grow, target become entrepreneurs “whampoa” in China.

means of entrepreneurial camp first graduation roadshow DemoDay

the organizers: means of entrepreneurial camp

chief media support: hunting cloud network

roadshow projects: 12 hatch project + three means of entrepreneurial camp mysterious project (financial, campus O2O, vertical electrical contractor)

time: on August 2, 2015 at 08:30

address: chengdu tianfu software park area C building 3 floor conference room 1

means of incubation project roadshow process

Demo Day agenda

08:30 sign in

09:00 means of entrepreneurial camp first review

09:05 the future of web startups matrix partners founding partner Zhang ying

09:20 means of entrepreneurship roadshow camp project (first half)

10:40: tea

he, means of entrepreneurship roadshow camp project (second half)

12:10 a new means of startup recruiting camp start


deprives the activity

investment agency list:

lianchuang capital, asiaec, atomic venture capital, and premium fund, rich capital, beginner’s mind, a panda, capital investment, rapid, splendor, chi shing capital, some funds, capital, loose grain jiaqi wing, tencent autobots strategic investment, baidu strategic investment, qi fu capital, fortune venture capital investment, innovation works, kay. Is expected to total investment institutions at about 40-50.

the investors, the audience, entrepreneurs registration link:

due to space limitation, in addition to investors, road projects, provide only about 50 seats as a gallery, such as registration successful staff will SMS notification.