is an interesting application, similar to bookmark service network, but it is at the site. If you want to collect your favorite restaurants, bars, store address, choose it for it. I subscribe to this application for the first time, it is only a beta. Nowadays, it return to version 1.0, also added some interesting features, these features make it more practical.

just like before, when you open the application, or see a map of full screen. But it allows users to browse the previous bookmarks, click will see more details. Users can use the screen on the left side of the tag to filter the content, such as catering, sushi, cocktail, etc are classified. Of course, you can also add new locations. If you need to look at the business hours, restaurant phone or other information, then Mapstr is also a good choice.

Mapstr not social application, its application and sign in Foursquare checkins way is different, but also has its attractions. But before the 1.0 release, I can only reluctantly to think of it as a local application, because it does not store any data.

today, with version 1.0, the user can create an account, and your favorite site stored on the server. Users can also use multiple devices login application, change new phone, also can find the relevant data again.

but the above is not all of them. You can also add buddy, let your application have been social atmosphere. But the application is smart enough, don’t put all your friends favorite restaurant is on your map. What you pay for or you make exclusive map of hard work, became lost. But you can click on close friends, and then download the map of his/her.

you can now add private address, this means that your friends even download your map, also does not have permission to get the address. These new social function seems to be added to light, but just right, I think later when I make this app, would consider using social function, add a few friends.

Mapstr now has a view today, will automatically search your tagged recently that address. The company said it would not consider ads within the application, but by introducing advanced features, attract purchase within the user program. At present, the application only supports the iOS platform.


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