cloud network hunting July 22

maybe someone could design the best tip application class in the world, even a knack for your good and early distributing the pill pack in the bag, but when the end of the day, who can guarantee that you really take pills on time?

($79) is a new the raise on Kickstarter project, this is a kind of the experts call the medical compliance. Oviary box is a kind of flip, specially designed for women taking pills. The packing bag of pill users can be placed in a box, press the device on a button, the box synchronized smartphone applications with wi-fi connections, and then every 24 hours, this box will be issued to remind the patient take medicine in time.

so, Oviary but is a common drug remind more idealized version of the application. Let Oviary unique, in fact, the reason is that it can be when you open the box, through induction to track what you have to take medicine. Although it is still not really sure that you are taking pills or carelessness forget pill in the next to the kitchen sink is taking, at least it can be found if you today forgot to open the box. If you forget to open the box to take pills, it will prompt you to constantly until you open the box again. (when you completely forget taking pills, box used to reflect the bag on the number of pills a LED lights will be sent outside the red light.)

so far for a long time, researchers have been carefully considered to design a smartphone, bottle with connectivity. This idea is very good, but it is difficult to implement. Might as well think about it, you will be able to create a treatment system to clean up these recycled bottles containing trace drugs? Does every customer after you get the prescription to give them a new bluetooth bottle? After getting new bottle, customers also need to the whole system and their phones match again?

the birth control pill differs it adopted a unique and famous industrial design: the packaging of birth control pills usually adopted this on clamshell transparent pill packing box can be replaced. Oviary is merely the flip box design more intelligent, to the user to recycle it, and for good reason. Oviary attract us is not a strange or luxury equipment, but for an industrial design and People’s Daily habit of seamless upgrade.

in addition, when Oviary left charging dock, it is also very easy to carry. Early versions of hardware like smoke detectors is heavy, also not as elegant as normal pill box. For a right objects, the size of your wallet Oviary design is very cautious, looks smooth industrial design has a practical utility. If Oviary the raise goal, on Kickstarter Oviary2.0 version is likely to become a reality.


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