on July 21 (word/yan-mei wu)

the heat of the Internet industry to transform traditional logistics industry is still on the rise, everyone was doing car goods platform of information matching, the future help logistics industry to become more beautiful, big blueprint. But Mr Fu Cheng is not to say that yao, entrepreneurship is a process of convergence. Freight in the city can solve the problem of logistics industry is the first of the specific problem solved, to expand the inter-city and search valley cargo is such a way to go.

search valley cargo to your location is O2O intelligent logistics and express delivery platform. Development is given priority to with the city, the inter-city with line. Docking bulk shippers in the city, including the freight vehicle, carpooling freight, all in the same city express demand, consignor to view and track vehicles and Courier express logistics information. Want to east to the west of you to make the cake of friends to have a taste of the past were all is a few minutes. After the shipper delivery drivers can rob alone, according to the pattern of “click” background will also be based on the position to push the task. Docking platform at the same time, the express and the owner (bicycles, electric vehicles, smart balance is owner). Certification of the owner is free to order, delivery price online can be consulted, groped team is currently charging standard. Products have been introduced for “one key”, the insurance rate of 0.025.

search valley cargo COO Qiu Hui convective cloud network said that in fact the transformation of logistics industry is not going to finished, search valley cargo now focus goods distribution in the city, a good brand, over the same period of intercity development. Not to pull the product line is too long.

the inter-city railway only opened in xiamen, Shanghai, suzhou, kunshan, hangzhou, chongqing, shenzhen, guangzhou, the great cities, help the needs of individual owners intelligent search goods, reduce the rate of empty. At present the transfer of the inter-city logistics process, the actual bill, a series of problems such as damage need telephone communication and the scene. The Internet can improve the efficiency of the quick query and increase the remit total amount of information, but the cost of the logistics industry is a high trust of the concrete and the traditional industry. To transform path and mode also need to continuously explore, consumption habits and needs to be continuous education.

on the charging mode, Qiu Hui tell hunting cloud network, the platform will charge every transaction total fees of 6%, but prior to the accumulation of user will be returned to the user at the end of the month. Logistics platform, he said, after accumulated a large flow rate has no cash pressure.

search valley cargo team is a serial entrepreneur, handheld previously co-founded bus and other products. CEO Liang Ruiping who co-founded apple apple taxi and bus. COO Qiu Hui is young Internet person, currently responsible for the operation of product and promotion.

Magic can solve the problem of the integration of O2O, but behind the O2O support is a matter of logistics. Search valley cargo want to solve the freight distribution on the market, allocate capacity focus on the market. Actually the most important thing is to do each O2O logistics team. Have no fear in China if the Magic land, the city logistics.