July 28 (word/Chen Tianqi)

homemade domestic drama development especially in recent years, prick silk men, never expected, such as gourmet ms active in each video website, has attracted a large number of young people chase after hold in both hands. In the numerous followers, 93 ming-ze li’s action.

if you want to use “what’s the use of doing these” to explore ming-ze li do shoot TV, can only temporarily use “however there is no use to answer that.” Low shot television website wrote the phrase, “currently, we are not affiliated with any company, also have not received any investment, investment may not be received in the future.” Looks like tsundere, but with some helpless.

ming-ze li is a young blood and idea, start planning bottom shoot TV at the end of 2014, in February 2015, the output of the first video, up to now, has output video about 15 units. These video all by ming-ze li and three of his shot sourced material. Radiation is wide, covering cars subject theme, cooking, travel, etc., as long as things fun, ming-ze li will take. Hunting cloud network from the perspective of the audience to experience the most of the video, not a cloud network hunting want to quit the watch. Boring but very creative.

due to lack of funds, we see the video is taken by ming-ze li use iPhone5S and nokia 1020. “I tell you oh, nokia 1020 really recommend ah, you use the effect also can make our ha ha ha” ming-ze li issued the laughter of the young.

asked about entrepreneurship, ming-ze li convective cloud network said, “when I was a little boy, I read a comic book, one has created a private television station, a live all of us like to watch the show, although boring, but very warm. I now want to do such a warm television.” Low shot television was actually do such a thing. In addition to the video output, magazine ming-ze li also doing, is not only the electronic magazine online, offline print magazine also synchronization in tongzhou district of Beijing, has issued three period. Printing money is, of course, on my own. The positioning of the magazine more stood on the side of disadvantaged groups, to interview them, to understand them. “I am and they stood together,” said ming-ze li.

ming-ze li graduated from high school and then work, grope for practice in the field of the Internet for a long time, self-study of the front-end and back-end and web design, there is no hand-holding, ming-ze li on their own. Now team a total of 4 people, vice head of position respectively, martial arts instruction, director, etc.

short sponsorship, website advertising is low shot television are the main profit model. A recent months ming-ze li and his team in each site and consulting other App delivering their own articles, publicity website, in order to add more readers.

cloud network readers may know VICE, hunting in abroad is very popular among young people, now have Chinese website. VICE is a Canadian magazine, is now a successful transition to a magazine, website, film production, record companies and media companies, book publishing, and other business valuation of $2 billion. Low shot television has similarities with VICE, interview, marginalized people in the form of video documentary, in the form of text rendering, empathy with them. VICE is a monster, but not out of reach.

hunting cloud network can’t get the constantly trying new things young people say how ambitious goals, because starts to reality than the feet on the ground. “Hello, and welcome to shoot TV” the dreamer says with a laugh.