this for more than a year we have been familiar with Google’s new unmanned vehicle appearance – round, line is concise, and some of, now is the time the see inside himself. Google will auto prototype to The company’s home on Saturday in mountain view, art and music community college, The local community residents of a look at The inside of The automatic car, this is also The company Paint The part of Town. According to the pictures we will be surprised to find a spacious seating area, the car without a steering wheel and short and stout, partial toy design style.

according to the Washington post, Matt McFarland, from the car interior appears to be practical than fashion, seat looks like plastic, the car in front of the storage space is a barrel, and the ground is designed to be easy to wipe. Although it may not have leather decorative or cool dashboard, but we want to know the car is still in the early prototypes, in before making a commercial launch its internal will surely be revised several times.

in the present test phase, the law of Google’s unmanned from driving on the road test, must be with an artificial can control the direction of the equipment (lever). But in the prototype shown in Google weekend, this device is removed. It is worth noting that in this little car steering wheel was removed after provide passengers with very large space, sitting on them, you can stretch your legs without pressure. The improved from lexus and Google before a hybrid unmanned self-drive prototype is different, that is like in a normal car with some high-tech, but that more beetles on the same car with the new technology and new design, can make the passengers more comfortable journey.


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