(text/Tan Ziling)

it is predicted that 2020 years or so, China’s single will reach 3000 and 35 million, after the 90 army also began flooding into the community. This large group will not only affect themselves, at the same time also have a potential for social unrest. So the question comes, how to create more opportunity for these single group can match? “Mine” is an APP for young people to find love object.

when it comes to establish the purpose of the “mine”, co-founder of xiao-ming kong said “we have seen on the market do love dating APP is relatively traditional, basic it is brush face and renal social, very impetuous. Users under the premise that there is no good communication has been all about scaring off, this is about the efficiency is very low. ‘mine’ hope to strike up a conversation and communication provides you with sufficient cushioning period.”

“love love” is a focus on young people’s dating platform, registered the “mine” can set the personality of its own label, naughty girl, lovely of younger sister, mature royal elder sister, the queen of complacency and so on. The user can select in the encounter in accordance with their own interests of the opposite sex, hot list provides the most attractive, rich list, such as various types of user groups, can focus on, chat, make city of love object. “Mine” bright spot is to provide teacher and pupil, mora, marriage such as game play to provide users with sufficient communication, cultivate sentiment, lays the foundation for the establishment of the offline relationships.

“love love” in the case of authorized users can access to the user’s real-time location, city team divided by the user’s location. “We only shows the location of the user’s city, not accurate distance between users and also guarantee the privacy and security,” xiao-ming kong pointed out based on the location of the emotional love social products need to guarantee the safety of the user.

the total number of nearly 5 million “mine”, by hundreds of thousands of, the retention rate of nearly 50%. In April, 4.3 release “mine”, “version 4.3 on overall architecture has made the very big change, highlight the concept of encounter, simplifies the personal information page display, especially the excessive interference action button on the user action, let users on the whole experience more concise.”

on the market, “mine” competitors have Momo, opposite, and see where strange social APP, these social products more is to provide a connection platform, to more extensive, is a tool for users to send boring time. , in contrast, “mine” is a from met to form the main line, the growth of love more go looking for the love object, its advantage is that it can provide online virtual marriage experience.

on the business model, “mine” model is applied at present members and virtual property, electricity and custom game lovers in their future direction will do related extensions. On “product function also exists some problems such as too much, we will in the next version of iteration step by step to do subtraction, more simple and lightweight products,” xiao-ming kong tell hunting cloud network, “mine” in the future will continue to do dig in the direction of the game, such as user for marriage married couple electric form will try to do business, will consider the reality relationship directly import do emotional connection platform, etc.

as we have learned, the founder of the “mine” yu-zhu wang, a former netease mail department’s technical manager, was founded in December 2013, guangzhou refined love network technology co., LTD. Co-founder xiao-ming kong successively worked in 21 cn network and netease, was netease test manager. The team have 30 people.

in addition, hunting cloud network, according to “mine” team in December 2013 the middle capital investment of millions of yuan, is currently in A round of funding.