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with the progress of science and technology, digital reading has become more and more popular, in the long run, print reading and digital reading habits coexist. Library collection with a large amount of literature information resources, to development and utilization, also need to the Internet, but the library itself has no ability to do it. Library readers in China is not active, taking jinan as an example, a library with 200000 readers, but only twenty thousand active readers, not all people can or are willing to go to the library. Love is not, therefore, interpretation of the book platform arises at the historic moment, the books flowing from “users go to the library”, to “go home” library.

from the reader’s level, the impact of readers to the library is the main reason of the distance, time and transportation cost, also have a plenty of readers body inconvenience. Chinese market also has the very big space, the more developed city, there are more and more people are willing to go to the library to read books, such as Shanghai readers grew by 16% a year on average, the holder of Chinese library number compared with Europe and the United States developed countries also has the very big space to grow up. From the point of user demand, market potential is very large. From the library level, with the development of mobile Internet and the advancement of nationwide reading, library hope to revitalize the books, shandong, Beijing, jiangsu and other places of the library is very recognized “let the library go home” this line of business.

love not release books books flowing from the first platform to achieve online autonomous start lending, free door-to-door to send books and other services. The future can also borrow foreign library books, and read after purchase, etc. Use the Internet to solve the problem of difficult readers borrow books for readers to provide value-added services, such as in books dating learning needs to make friends, for the traditional publishing books stock solution.

the early stage of the service to be delivered to the outside is given priority to with subsidies, upfront money comes mainly from the library, and other such as drops a taxi, “take-away” “national subsidies, such as occupation consumption project is different, love is not interpretation of the book can try to cooperate with single group, such as the disabled groups, followed by the old man child, here in the analysis of the user, product optimization. Profit pattern is an accumulation of user first, then slowly narrated model, the future will be in the public library segmentation. Not only can provide lending, and a single reader consider joining cooperation platform, such as shopping malls, cafes provide lending services, at the same time provide publishers, bookstores to rent for consignment to borrow to buy after service, solve their inventory.

now love interpretation of the book do not depend on the business for many years, with a number of libraries, publishers and bookstores to achieve cooperation. Is the domestic library online book circulation service overall solutions company, is currently on the market can be done to rent booking, to borrow and buy the platform. Now for the construction of shandong, jiangsu and other provinces more than offline reading area, and the online digital library. Currently on the market has been “elegant suzhou” a similar service, but he the ownership belongs to the library, to meet the provincial business and press coverage.

love not Mr GengHuaLong founder of the interpretation of the book, is a man who dare to reposition. He used to keep the family leave school chose computer related. To reposition themselves during the study. Founder told hunting cloud network, he will be combined with the current market demand and its own technological advantage, the enterprise business transformation, for the library service at first, there are found in a business like children, to research and development of AR technology experience, but eventually break up the virtual AR business, the business continue to develop the library, let two parts business can get good development.

team member is mainly composed of 25 people. Founder GengHuaLong, joint venture Ding Xulong, li bin, etc. They have work experience, is a startup and let them go together. Mr GengHuaLong was tongfang expect division general manager, deputy general manager Ding Xulong was high road animation co-founder, another deputy general manager Li Binze was tongfang hownet sales champion. High school dormitory students Feng Gang love don’t release book consultant, is also a partner, is ARTPLAY founder, consultant Liu Fengze huake fund partner.

the product has not yet been launched, but have completed technical layout, the overall solution and platform construction of the data. And has already been completed ten provinces nationwide market layout and channel construction, hundred subscribers and more than ten press.

the project requires A round of funding, the do level, it is mainly used for users and business promotion, as well as the technology research and development.