July 29 (word/WenYuTong)

just more than a year of time, college students stage market financing news constantly, make many entrepreneurs want to benefit from a piece of the boring in installment and staging the one hundred million yuan of financing also let entrepreneurs to stir by installments. Before this, hunting cloud also has reported meow credit and installment superman campus entrepreneurial projects by stages, then the flourishing campus in installment in market competition, how to be in harmony of love each other play their differentiation competition of brand?

love each other’s current location is consumer finance platform, entry point is the consumption of college students in the early stage. In mutual harmony, love has the characteristics of safety, small, scattered by installments. First of all college students single installment loan amount is controlled in 4000 yuan on average, the students’ motivation of default; Followed by the geographical distribution of college students is more dispersed, various colleges and universities, everywhere all have, reduce the systemic risk; Moreover the consumption of college students have contact parents to do security, repayment pressure on their children, parents will stand up, so the safety of the products is very high; The final will be in harmony of love each other more loan package, scatter risk further.

founder Yang Xin o be in harmony of love each other for the master of southwest university of finance and economics, and successively in flextronics technology group, the Tibet autonomous region government guidance work in the industry investment fund, sichuan traffic investment group.

Yang Xin beg from begin to pay close attention to the development of P2P, at the end of 2011, in early 2014 when the Internet financial is blustery, a large number of P2P platform was established, at the same time, more and more P2P platform appear problem, market presents the double pattern of ice and fire. Yang Xin saw an opportunity, is in the market of ice and fire to create a risk control platform, make long-term management, steady development, and return to the nature of financial security platform.

consumption by more than 60% of college students by offline businesses, online staging cannot meet the demand of this part. Love each other in harmony with offline business cooperation, through independent development system of orders, consumption was obtained from the merchant order in stages, with the online audit, greatly enhance the efficiency in stages, at the same time by means of big data analysis to identify default customers, reduce risk, so on the basis of the traditional consumer finance to reduce the cost of consumer 50%.

the consumer, after successfully staging their borrowing by independent development of P2P system docking investors be in harmony of love each other, so small, fragmented creditor’s rights, the borrower for college students, the parents have the invisible guarantee, risk control, is popular with investors.

the perspective of consumption in installment, boring stage and stages mainly electrical business model. Different is love melts the entry point is offline, and offline entities large merchants cooperation. Offline model of the product has good extensibility, the platform can not only carry out stage 3 c products, can also be aimed at college students consumer demand in driving installment, training, beauty, rent, etc.

officially launched in March this year, be in harmony of love each other at present, the number of investors has reached 720, investment reached more than 310 ten thousand yuan. About the future development, the team will be making some expansion in the region, in xi ‘an, chongqing, wuhan, kunming and other places to carry out college students’ consumption in installment business, at the same time the new rent installment in chengdu.

hunting cloud network understand, love each other in harmony has completed hundreds of millions of angel rounds of financing, is currently in the Pre – A round of funding, this round of financing is mainly used in the platform promotion and regional layout.