(text/Zheng Dian)

common social software in expanding our circle of friends and also because of the lack of its niche dating problems such as lack of pertinence, actually can form offline friends, actually does not see more. Especially for workers’ groups, work busy, dating has become a big problem, some people may be, together with the workshop workers are also don’t know. Workers need social field is to provide safe, peer social environment will help them solve the problem of life and social software.

“circle of love” App based on workers social circle culture construction, explore and build a strong trust platform, open, simple friends help each other. “Love” is launched in May this year, chat with friends, looking for a job, rent a few class functions such as information, second-hand transfer. “Love” with each industrial zone, with features such as factories, countrymen for dimension, establish a one-to-many social platform; In basketball, billiards, games, sichuan and other characteristics as the interest graph, people who are interested in themselves and their co-workers deep communication.

yong-long li, founder of the “circle of love” workers, also open a human resource company, these experiences let he found on the market most human resource companies are squeezing workers’ incomes. Yong-long li to introduce cloud network hunting, the human resources market the biggest problem is information asymmetry, and the mobile Internet is to solve the problem of asymmetric information. “Circle of love” hope to set up social platform for workers to solve everyday problems, provide them with looking for a job, rent, sell any content, communication consulting and other services. Workmates, for example, in case of labor disputes and other issues, don’t know how to find a lawyer or cannot find a lawyer, can turn to “circle of love”.

look from social attribute, “circle of love” and QQ, micro letter, devoted to stranger there is similar, the difference is vertical segmentation to co-workers users “circle of love”, to build social + service platform of life. QQ, WeChat based on acquaintance social, such as geographical position after the shift to online relationships into offline; Momo relationship is pure strangers, uncontrollable safety risk; “Love” is in the same factory based on half an acquaintance of social relationship, the main concept with the factory, the half a strange relationship between activation.

look from blue-collar market, most software doing – in the form of square weak social recruitment and employment. Only do blue-collar job App without communication scenarios, the lack of using active. “Love” hope through social + recruitment improved App activity. But early online, the “circle of love” product function set too much, let a person think co-workers is the edition of 58 city or co-workers version of the stranger, stranger. “Circle of love” the team is, through the study of the addition and subtraction treatment of beta, according to the click rate to retain the function of the most frequently used workmates, improve pertinence and efficiency of the product.

to hunt cloud network yong-long li said, “love” team is perfect and development, hope to have social product experience, design experience and operation experience of the Internet and to join. The “circle of love” has been launched an angel round the financing plan, and has gained investment institutions, look forward to working with real strength, has the resources of the Internet enterprise cooperation.