love chef today announced that it had millions dollars after A round of funding, led party for datai capital, with 500 lottery network. Before this, love chef had completed two rounds of financing, respectively from the perilous peak huaxing millions of RMB angel rounds and ficus altissima capital of millions of dollars, the Pre – A wheel, is now start B in the round.

according to introducing, love chef in August 2014, mainly through the iOS and Android platform has its own APP to provide services, but also support through the Web side, WeChat public account, as well as 400 telephone order. Has been doing business in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and guangzhou, by chef door-to-door service form, to help people enjoy professional chefs cooking delicious in the home. Love so far has more than 1500 professional chef, chef platforms registered users more than 50, more than 1200 single daily orders. Love chef, founder and CEO of xue her honey haired, expects love chef at the end of this year, orders will break through 8000.

xue her honey haired revealed that this round of funding will be mainly used for love chef service standardization, city expansion and rich business unit. Among them, including the standardization of the service platform cook the strengthening of the management and training, the continuous optimization of service experience; Urban expansion will start in the second half of the year, the year is expected to cover in chengdu, hangzhou, changsha, Qingdao, tianjin, wuhan and other domestic 20 cities; Love at the same time, the chef is trying to launch a richer, more personalized service.

in the future development direction, xue her honey haired further stated that “we will be in the next 1-2 years, by entering more cities, to provide more fine service, to meet the more requirements of urban home users’ eat at home; Longer term, we hope we can solve the problem of people eating love chef, not to eat ‘go’ and ‘what’ and ‘.

in addition to create a cook the door model, recently launched a barbecue chefs also in the business, can provide the cook barbecue. Previously, love chef also launched special family reunion dinner, personal customization, tea, etc.

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