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there is no doubt that is becoming a main force workplace after 90, the “fresh meat” being active, creative consciousness is strong, got the favour of many companies. After 90 strong demands for personalized, pay attention to company work environment, employee benefits, etc., slightly frustrated with enterprise may choose to say goodbye. Therefore, “love care” to provide care and welfare help enterprises to retain staff’s heart.

imagine such a scene: if today is the day when you become a full member, on the way to the office received blessing message from the company to the office found that there are present on the table, is a kind of what kind of experience? “Love care” CEO lueznda convective cloud network, said: “a lot of business every holiday with the article such as coupons, discount CARDS, rice dumplings, drinks do welfare, corny and sincerity. Love and care for each employee to provide personalized care and welfare, to do with the angel of the temperature between enterprises and employees.”

love care staff for the enterprise to provide one-stop care and welfare services, covering the employees every aspect of life. Enterprise can be used for free registration, content of the care team compiled by love, enterprise management personnel only need to click of a mouse can be completed staff distributed emotional care, welfare procurement, welfare and so on a series of work. Love care online since 4 months, more than 50 enterprises registration, covering nearly 2 w employees.

at the moment, love care for China from the following three aspects, for the enterprise and employees provide services:

1. Emotional care: enterprise management will be basic employee information after the upload, love will care according to the holiday, such as the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, the international working women’s day, birthday, etc.) and career development stage (induction, anniversary, the probation period, employee work positive, etc.) free SMS send care and greeting CARDS for employees.

2. Welfare: love care provide enterprises with the cloud welfare management system, which HR purchasing welfare? What are the company’s welfare spending? Love care and welfare management system will record one by one. At the same time, the system can be through OA, manual import, enterprise’s signal in a variety of ways, such as the enterprise organization structure in the cloud. According to the different positions of employees, departments, level matching and welfare to staff’s mobile phone and email, receive by employees themselves.

3. Gift selection: love care and present electric business cooperation, provide 15-20 kinds of products as well as some personal benefits package, companies or employees through love care background, selecting the right gift, partly avoid the embarrassment of the staff present selected all tastes. In addition, in addition to connect the electric business platform, love care also allows businesses in open a shop, rich enterprise custom gift selectivity.

competing goods, “staff care” App for enterprise employees provide some benefits for the user to choose goods, launch the company’s activities, news, but these are chosen by employees to operate, the connection between the employees and the enterprise is weak. Love and care is committed to connect between employees and enterprises together, enterprise to provide staff with a temperature of the care and welfare.

in addition, the concern is we love software products co., LTD. Its innovation incubation, in 30% of China’s top 500 enterprises in the new product in use we OA with knowledge management. With the accumulation of the parent company enterprise resource, care and love ali, tencent and other companies set up a partnership, in the quest for more users to promote the rapid and targeted.

at the moment, love care team have more than 10 people, the core technical personnel of our team are on tencent, ali platform have years of work experience, the product technology development, operation, etc have a lot of experience. CEO lueznda has 13 years of product research and development, 2 years working experience in human resources, co-founder Zhou Shenlin for the Yangtze river business school MBA.

business model, in addition to providing free basic services, such as employees, welfare care of care will also provide some value-added services. At the same time, love, caring only for electric business platform, the supplier provide the entrance to the enterprise users, this also is the merchant’s advertising platform, these areas are profitable. Lueznda said: “love care around the staff care and welfare continue to provide service for enterprises, after will also try to aim the developing direction of customer care.”

hunting cloud network understand, love caring a preferred strategic investor, is currently active in the coming negotiation.