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a southern song dynasty imperial, the qiantang river, hangzhou since one thousand to agitate people heart waves, the history’s dust, fade, once again met the “surge”, hangzhou Internet startup mark engraved in hangzhou city. in the old park TingXie shine brilliantly, and now the building can also be, between hangzhou louer would be hidden in the building of three street, in the tide of Internet startup is also a “trackers”.

is interviewed louer will “shopkeeper” lee yim ping, look gentle and generous, she told us a story will tell us about the louer. Article three decades ago street electronics was popular, hangzhou is more “has zhongguancun north, south have three street, now article three street business still is another name for the city of hangzhou, louer will was born in a wave of entrepreneurship Yu Wensan street.

h industrial park is a company with high at that time, traffic, bustling, the inside of the building people actually become strangers, however, in the elevator is also a “fragmented”, no communication. Lee yim ping tell hunting cloud network: “I don’t think so big industrial park should be so, we should become friends between building, so I just pull a” team “to facilitate the park’s people to communicate, coincided with the rise of the Internet startup, louer will be born.”

in louer will, you can see the unique “PCB” wall, above the many electronic components, electronic circuit like vines around me around you, you can also see louer will the coffee shop is decorated with a text three street map, old photos, old relics, cafes, also have the flavor of the old. You can order a cup of coffee, sit down, perhaps some time your side is a venture higher-ups; You can also in the changes of coffee members talk about life and future business may throb here, and louer would also operating activities such as entrepreneurship afternoon tea, convenient communicate entrepreneurs to touch each other.

now louer will be in addition to the “bridge” for entrepreneurs to communication, also in services for entrepreneurs to provide such good friends. Will louer team is after 90, to entrepreneurs service are called attractive woman corps after “90”. Lee yim ping told hunting cloud network: “this team more understand after 90 entrepreneurs, can become one with them. Our services include from the business of creating a space to the innovation service to all the resources such as package, sharing is our pursuit, we also try our best to support such as entrepreneurs do activities.” It is worth mentioning that lee yim ping said with a smile: “I don’t know what the reason, we changed a few coffee shop manager, and the manager go out after all chose entrepreneurship, will feel the louer coffee drink many poineering ink, narrative, inspire!”

compared with spot, more willing to do the shopkeeper lee yim ping. Louer will all the various also lies in its space, inside a lot of entrepreneurial teams take root here. Lee yim ping’s idea is different from the spot to play the game assets, immediately after the deal and roared off, for “tenants” a love to ignore, and she will do louer shopkeeper, manned is to provide good service for the guest officer, she believes the entrepreneurial teams like pot chicken, she said to make them able to hatch, warmth from office space to the coffee shop, from the activity to the investment and financing, this is all the nutrition in the hatch “soft” material package.


mentioned will be difficult, lee yim ping tell hunting cloud network: “I think it’s way of thinking of innovation and entrepreneurship of the wind may be unpredictable, but we always explore the pattern of more suitable for entrepreneurship, let entrepreneurs to communicate with each other mutual progress, also provide ideas for louer will.” Although the space inside the team in ascendant, but creative entrepreneurs have to be able to add brick add tile louer. The space of a hanging chair, coffee shop a potted flower, the corridor of a tag, etc. These can all be creative entrepreneurs.

we often say “wine is not afraid of deep alley”, louer will hide in the downtown, but also has life ambition. Louer will want to “aroma” diffuse to the future more blocks and these entrepreneurial refreshing “aroma” is also each has his strong point on the road, a startup accelerator to “swim”, the space also want “thousand sails to compete sends”, intelligent hardware could stand louer congregation and another “tide” of the space, and traditional industries form entrepreneurial ecosystem is a louer heart’s desire.

lee yim ping hope this “friend” can take with louer will qiantang “undertaking tide” broken wanli waves. The footprints of the gen space will slowly stepped to other blocks, louer coffee drip the raise of genes will let more people share. A cup of coffee, an electronic wall, a space, some entrepreneurs are like a drop of water droplets, such as through the water droplets is surging waves.

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