“lazy” “economic” busy people to drive the rapid development of the community O2O, more and more entrepreneurs will shed light on the vertical niche community O2O, fruit O2O natural escape entrepreneurs “eyes”, hunting cloud network reported today of “fresh” little fox is targeting fresh fruit O2O sector.

small fox fresh, Internet + agriculture, to create origin fruit O2O sales platform. The project set up in mid-march 2015, the main operating on WeChat public number. Users only need to scan qr code or number search small fox fresh public attention is, registered accounts, online order payment, the platform adopts the offline since the lift or ways of distribution.

“little fox fresh” currently contains fruit supermarket, fruit straight for three main plate and stronghold activities. Fruit supermarket, mainly from primary wholesalers fruit in his hand, offers a variety of fruit every day for the user to choose; Fruit straight for, is the fruit of origin directly into consumers’ hands, remove all the intermediate links, the user with a lower price to buy more fresh fruit, higher quality; Stronghold, small fox fresh information offline activities stronghold for the user, such as picking teams stronghold, tasting for foodies group sites, such as increased interaction with the user.

it is understood that the current fruit market two major problems, one is the fruit quality is uneven, fruit price is not transparent, consumers tend to buy at a high price is not high quality products; Second, fruit farmers, how to find an outlet for their fruit is farmers a headache problem, a very typical example is the recent events in guangdong pitaya and shanxi nectarine destruction event.

based on the above two problems, the “fresh” little fox co-founder Zhang Tonghui tell hunting cloud network, “fresh” little fox will be straight as much as possible through the country of origin for the form of contract directly with farmers, save intermediary link, in an effort to solve the problem of slow, help find products market, the savings to the customer. At the same time, “little fox fresh” employees in wholesale market to purchase the product, a day to hunt down the quality of the products, as soon as possible after purchase to the low temperature warehouse to keep sorting center, and the sorting personnel training, to avoid damage to fruit when sorting. Zhang Tonghui said the freezer to save “delicate” fruit such as cherry litchi, if the user reflect the fruit quality problems can be free replacement.

“fresh” little fox and self-built logistics team and service of current distribution model of by the merchants, business within the scope of distribution for the point with floor distribution, to the point of three kilometers around fresh logistics team to complete the delivery order by small fox, Zhang Tonghui tell hunting cloud network, the future will also take into account larger third-party logistics team throughout the distribution. “Little fox fresh” users can order at any time, since the time 1-2 hours a day, to improve the user experience of small fox of fresh, small fox fresh do have inventory system, sales forecasts in advance purchase, but on the day of the order on the day of the delivery.

Zhang Tonghui to hunt cloud network, according to the project is still belongs to the early stage, the scope of services in Beijing and dalian, user location for white-collar workers, students and company is open in Beijing in two cities in more than a dozen colleges and universities, and in early July in the wangjing community in Beijing, dalian HuaLu group in China, the official launch of office services.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the project early online orders for single/20 days, by the end of June 2015 to average more than 2000 single, total about 17000 users. Registered purchase conversion rate above 80%, secondary purchase conversion rate of more than 60%, three times to buy conversion rate of more than 50%.

about “fresh” little fox’s future development planning, Zhang Tonghui said, “little fox fresh” will be in the middle of July in shijiazhuang and xi ‘an, and hope that the future will service scope extended to 15 cities, at least for 250000 total users, orders reached around 40000.

“little fox fresh” belongs to the fresh electronic commerce co., LTD. Xuzhou small fox, the company was founded in December 2014, six people at present, the company full-time, part-time promotion to the service personnel more than forty.

founder and CEO Zhang Liwei, have many years of experience in Internet industry, serial entrepreneur, who create profit net, was awarded the first prize for hebei college students entrepreneurship competition; After working for the nation’s largest e-commerce site, 8848 founding the company, as a mall operations director, and in 2013 founded O2O platform “800” of life, for millions of venture capital. Co-founder Zhang Tonghui, foreign economic and trade university international business master graduate student, has the rich campus team management experience.

the project has yet to obtain financing is expected to raise 10 million yuan of angel, it is mainly used for market development, and further optimize the supply chain and customer experience.