the classpass, $99 a month can all enjoy the gym fitness programs. It has been in the United States is a relatively mature business model, and the same pattern in China can succeed? This is a “little bear run” team 2015 initial began to consider.

nowadays, the concept of “national fitness” had been thoroughly trumpet, more and more people begin to pay close attention to fitness. “Little bear run” team, after the prophase research work on April 1, 2015 began laying each fitness venues of Beijing.

“bear run” is a monthly gym membership. Registered users only need to pay $99 a month you can go to any national of establishing cooperation with “little bear run” venues fitness exercise, exercise each venue may experience three times a month, fitness venues including the gym, yoga, dance room, swimming pool, etc. At the end of April 2015 in WeChat operate on the public platform, the iOS and android version of the App have been launched.

“bear run” founder Tian Ying shadow told hunting cloud network: “do it, if you want to let the user satisfaction, area and density is very important.” It is understood that bear run has been completed each area venues of Beijing’s coverage, cooperative venues to 500. Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities have begun to do fitness venues of pioneering work, Shanghai has cooperative venues, more than 300, a new market in shenzhen has more than 200 venues establish cooperative relations with “little bear run”. The follow-up will also gradually develops chengdu fitness venues and other second-tier cities cooperation.

there is a common pain points fitness industry. Bear run founder Tian Ying shadow to hunt cloud network analysis way: in the United States, fitness crowd accounts for 15% ~ 18%, and only 0.8% in China, where the remaining teens crowd? After investigation concluded that traditional fitness year high barriers to make a lot of users. , according to the actual most of the people’s health is not very strong perseverance, the high cost of traditional in fitness card, and because people perseverance, job change, address change and some chain pass not general, and so on and so forth, hard to avoid some users waste and inconvenience. “Little bear run” exactly solved these problems in the traditional fitness industry.

99 yuan, at a reasonable price range, is the price of low-end consumer can accept. Tian Ying shadow, said China’s fitness market is very broad, inherent in the gym fitness guru is only a small number of people, more still in the primary fitness, cultivate the habit of users mining space also is very big. Hunting cloud network to “run” to bear the main users locate in those who set out to develop exercise habits, 99 monthly is fit the need of this part of the crowd, but also fit the product concept – “reduce the threshold of fitness, let more and more people begin to exercise, can let more people healthy life”.

in cooperation on the choice of venue, Tian Ying shadow told cloud network hunting, good quality, the environment is the first standard of its choice venue, but based on the current situation, due to limited capacity, good venues and different conditions of regional development, venues environment, quality and quantity have some difference. It said, different venues to meet the needs of different people, “little bear run” in the future will be according to different groups with different levels of service demand.

99 monthly fitness is not original mode, cloud network hunting the same based on this model, had earlier reported Tian Ying shadow tell hunting cloud network, the current from the point of market, competing goods a lot, but “little bear run” has its own advantages: one is the team, “little bear run” billionaire’s founding team has service users, has a strong execution; Second, market promotion, “little bear run” although started late, but develops the density and speed of the venues are commendable; 3 it is to grasp the user viscosity, not only can the user interaction in the micro letter, “little bear run” also according to different regional respectively set up fitness group, for users to communicate with each other, meet the fitness. Not only provides users with fitness services, in the gym as well as completed the social function.

the future planning and profitability, “little bear run” preliminary plans to expand the size of the market at the end of the year to 1/10 of the fitness industry. About profit, founder Tian Ying shadow told hunting cloud network, on the one hand, “little bear run” profit point lies in the whole into bulk venues and out; On the other hand is to let go fitness venues less “lazy” to support positive fitness “hard-working people”, to achieve balance and make a profit. In later development, related to fitness, personal training, for example, related health products are its profit points.

“bear run” affiliated with Beijing bear run technology co., LTD., the company was established in April 2015, currently has more than 20 people; Founder Tian Ying shadow is graduated from xian university of electronic science and technology graduate student, have many years of experience in the Internet industry; The project has now completed A round of funding.

project: bear run
Company: Beijing bear run technology co., LTD.

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