(article/Song Xu ran)

in ancient times, people like reading activities are divided into basic drinking a daze chess, weaving the laundry will be gay friends; Modern basic surrounding mobile phone tablet and computer before going to sleep, but sleep time is different: originally want to brush a phone sleep aid, dodging the effects and tempting title party finally choose to good article, half an hour has passed. How to improve the entertainment experience before sleep, the pillow thinking a lot.

small pillow main interface is bed quilt of blue and white stripes and blue pillow, lay the clock, mp3, pad, photographs, and newspapers, corresponding timing closure audio, audio radio broadcast, video playback, photos and news reading, functions can use without registration. At the same time, the pillow can also open “good night” to post meet the demand of social communication. In addition, the pillow can open record sleep time and habits of the function.

the content of the micro pillow daily isn’t more, five plus two or three video audio is now the daily entertainment content. “Help us improve before sleeping, entertainment experience, reduce choice is our real purpose before sleep. The Internet open choice too much, also need to simplify the Internet thinking.” Micro pillow tell hunting cloud network. Audio and video functions, in fact, there is a “casual” button below, just a click away can free choice.

relaxed funny content during the day, night is quiet relaxation. At present the resources of micro pillow or select reproduced, micro pillow will consider some original video audio in the future. Plan at the same time, the pillow week program forecast, synchronous update weekly variety shows, such as running man. The pillow that video without advertising, you can be at ease use.

micro leowong, founder of the pillow and co-founder vlon Chen Jiang a total of three, had been in baidu is an engineer. Including the founder full-time employees a total of five people. Test run to the end of may now downloaded more than twenty thousand, nearly two thousand new users per day, live close to 10%. The new micro pillow in production.

competing goods aspects, like the pillow set all kinds of entertainment in one of the few, but brush weibo, before sleeping to fill B station, on the tianya KanTie, to zhihu knowledge has become the habit of most people. How to attract users to use and stick to the user has become one of the problems of the pillow.

“we aimed at 19 to 36 junior looking for content, because they has been simplified to bedtime entertainment requirement, also more eager to simple high-quality entertainment for bedtime.” Micro pillow tell hunting cloud network.

seed round pillow has been in harmony to angel, currently in the process of angel financing. Micro pillow at present through baidu, tencent and other Internet promotion, at the same time in early July began a new round of promotion.

the future micro pillow will be opening mall profit model. But small pillow guarantee mall can’t push information, does not affect the micro pillow parts function at the same time. “We’ll be doing things simple, do the user experience.” Leowong tell hunting cloud network.