Dear friends, the day has come. We have reached the pinnacle of human achievement: now we can make any web links come emoticons.

Facebook product designer George III and “I love fort sunkist” Kedenburg (a collection of cat, and other pet funny picture blogging platform) founder Eric? Nakagawa, recently launched a website called Linkmoji, the website can make any web links come emoticons.

Bitly is a popular site shortened url, anyone who used it to Linkmoji do not feel strange. Their design concept, it is just that Linkmoji shorten urls for emoticons. That is to say, we can directly access Linkmoji website, and now, we can also by adding “pizza” and “poop” emoticons, then enter the domain name “ws”, to enter the website.

Linkmoji has officially launched on Wednesday night, is very popular with users.

Linkmoji nakagawa in Parse (a Facebook’s development platform) working on for an hour, churning out results, because there was an expression of pizza and poop links, Linkmoji is also known as “pizza” poo application.

at present, emoticons links or automatically generated, but he is trying to develop the user custom links.

Linkmoji function there is unreliable, it can be used to share on Facebook and Twitter links, however, other web sites, including mashablemashable, recognize emoticons still have some difficulties at present, will emoticons as hyperlinks.
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