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recently, two rounds of the electric car start-up company announced A $10 million for A round of funding, lingyun intelligence by KeBang venture led, cloud, broadband, sequoia capital, transfer bridge capital fund in China, is very serious, hillhouse vc institutions and etc. It is reported, lingyun intelligence in 2014 was extremely KeBang vc, cloud funds vc institutions such as millions angel round. What then, lingyun two rounds of the electric car with get so many VCS to favor? Is real? Or just treasures outside its? The following hunting cloud network read one by one with you.

two rounds of the electric car of the core technical problems of mechanical gyroscope control vehicle balance

after the lingyun intelligent ling-yun zhu said the founder has to solve the problem of the core technology the two rounds of car – with mechanical gyroscope control vehicle balance. Lingyun two rounds of the electric car is not the world’s first adopts mechanical gyroscope control vehicle balance two rounds of the electric car, Lit C1 ev Motors is using gyroscope and motor to keep the balance.

in fact, two rounds of car appeared in the long ago, for example, in 1914, first developed in Britain gyrocar two rounds of car. Two rounds of 1961 ford production car is one of the most close to the product, but the biggest problem is that there were no motor, with internal combustion engine driven gyro, start take 3 minutes time. At present, lingyun two rounds of the electric car startup gyro need 20 seconds. The ling-yun zhu said mechanical gyro control algorithm research has been going on, through the accumulation of long time and in the future may be 15 seconds to start, even less time.

energy – enough to save electricity better battery solutions

because lingyun the volume and weight of the two rounds of the electric car is half the ordinary cars, so the battery can do a third of the existing market electric vehicles, energy consumption is expected to hundred kilometers consumes 5 degrees or so. Low energy consumption for car battery provides a better solution, based on this, lingyun two rounds of battery electric vehicles using the grouping type, each piece is independent of each other, can take home to recharge. Thus cast off the yoke of the charging pile, let the car battery is more flexible. Ling-yun zhu, however, said that the product is still in development stage, not mature, is expected to battery capacity is about 3 KWH, according to the current battery energy density of a battery can support 70 km or so. Ling-yun zhu also said, however, this kind of battery solution is only suitable for short and long distances or to solve the problem of charging by charging pile.

comfortable degree of driving experience, there is no difference between and ordinary cars, also can realize other functions

for a car, driving on the road is the ultimate goal, and extremely KeBang noviceblue founder of venture capital, to our feelings about his test drive: two rounds of the electric car driving experience and ordinary cars, test drive is mainly to verify the two wheels of the car can run up lingyun, in essence is to verify our algorithm, the hardware and software control, system can work as a whole.

in addition, lingyun two rounds of the electric car of the front and back can achieve 90 – degree turn, run, zero radius can be parallel into the parking space such as traffic congestion; In turn, the design of the two wheels can automatically adjust the body, let the weight of gravity just offset centrifugal force, then roll force is small, can make a better experience for all drivers.

lingyun intelligence in August 2014, completed the lingyun two rounds of the electric car of the first manned experiment, September 2014, initially completed the concept car production. Applications will be integrated into the automatic car driving, networking, cloud and big data, such as cutting-edge technology, and plans to launch high-end version of the validation models in 2016, has hundreds of kilometers 3 seconds acceleration, as well as a range of one thousand kilometers or more.

the diversification of travel tools for the life of people become more convenient, to this, ling-yun zhu believes that the electric car is a direction, miniaturization, light-duty is a kind of trend, two rounds of the electric car is the best solution. For the more distant future, ling-yun zhu also quipped, that the best means of transportation is the universal door doraemon.

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