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we often see on TV burly French chef, “white” from the kitchen, beside a oven “ingenious”, then all pieces of cake, full of praise. however, many families in China most of the oven is experienced from the “honeymoon period” of fondle admiringly to be into “sleep” in the “aside”, and baking does not seem to have town, but it is baking paper. Light food want from ingredients to technology, the baking new tricks.

CEO liu gang is the light dishes, after a 80, before the deepening in the frozen food production, processing and sales for many years, just to see when he is in the book of the Chronicles of light food hall, the hall in the middle of two pieces of wood color a oven, were on the table is at the back of the hall light food baking room and studio, on both sides by a row of wooden display panel, a simple but very detailed. Light dishes of “boss” has 4, was once in the same boat before and the Internet industry, liu told hunting cloud network: “light dishes of” light “is heavier than to ‘ ‘, we hope to light baking, heavy life. After our several 80 partners are together before we chat together at the dinner table, hope to wake up sleeping in the home of the oven, baked into a kind of good way of life.”

light state mind doesn’t have a passion for the App development at the beginning, but the micro letter no. The public has a special liking. and light food to remember the purpose is to let a baking a small white can also bake delicious human within four steps, “took a big sleep, no longer let oven baked science can also entered the ordinary people. Light state mind will C end consumer WeChat snare in its public, which can then be processed frozen dough (semi-finished products) sales to consumers, and users can on frozen dough cast after eight skills, often appear on the limitation of baking technology ingredients excessive waste or baking failure also don’t have to care about. At present, in the “light dishes” WeChat in public, “food” of many sections such as light fair, light lohas, light lohas, light diet and light phuong. Fan has more than 10000 public, choose to buy light food products of about 10%, WeChat pay can also come in handy.

light dishes can be popular with the users, is the story behind it. On the choice of ingredients, light food down one of the partner in charge of care food factory, and can see the ingredients walked across the “road”, select the material also can let the consumer trust. On the distribution, you can see the little brother to run motion. WeChat public marketing is also fighting, for baking photographing the talent has helped its. liu told hunting cloud network: “there are secondary pat leafy carrots, we went to the countryside farmers to buy vegetable. Mottled and once all events need to feel of wood, we drove to the county market to find a good purpose.”

now remember light food in “suppress tricks,” scenario baking and more access to resources. Will consider increasing the baking scenes from the user Angle, light food record of user experience research, users can submit comments, based on user feedback share for more users, inspired by the users of the baking scenario thinking. Such as Shanghai, a lot of young white-collar workers can choose to eat bread for breakfast, in fact as long as after getting up out of the semi-finished products in the refrigerator, a few minutes in the oven can taste delicious, fast this is a kind of scenario, the future light state mind more scene let users choice. Liu told hunting cloud network: “our experience, mainly around the product innovation, I think a good product to speak. Light dishes are also likely to remember in August and fast cooperation launched a baking channel, and the user completes the docking.”

baking industry development is not so smooth, however, famous Christine stores contraction, the baking industry in shaoxing, the last store quietly closed at the end of 2014, ultra elegant cheese boss lost, stores closed, factories and other struggling, offline store development of baking industry is emerging in the online mode, Shanghai “below 100” focus on “vertical roasting of e-commerce sites”, like holiland Luo Gong of black swan pay attention to the high added value of mining category itself, with micro mobile Internet shop famous restaurant “miss zhao” began to sell cake, light food down with concept of semi-finished products, marketing, baking, etc. Also share a slice.

light on the future development of state mind, liu told hunting cloud network: “we hope to make hundreds of families praise for the point, make the baking brand, form of baking industry ecosystem.” light state mind recently obtained from peace of venture capital being an angel round.

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