in Sue Gardner’s report showed that the number of active edit wikipedia, and a year later still remain active, the proportion of the trend of decline, community in narrow. Wikipedia are faced with the problem, in addition to the new and the old man is not compatible, is more complex, the majority of people are not willing to treat it as an unfinished work, but it is a reference book.

the founder of the plane wiki wiki makes the plane’s high interest in openness and freedom is a wiki platform, they want to put the value of interest can reflect out on the platform, to build a home.

the wiki is the domestic first true sense based on UGC (user build) mode operation of wiki farm (permanent) free of charge. Aircraft wiki using the latest version of the mediawiki (v1.25), from the functional and ease of use, beautiful sex than wikia has greatly improved. Chinese wikipedia’s domain name zh.wikipedia.org on May 19, keyword blocking and DNS contamination, there is currently no access to the Chinese wikipedia from China. The last block occurred in 13 years on wikipedia. The plane of the wiki server at home, don’t worry about being a wall, or can’t register. Building is a Chinese own wiki platform.

high told hunting cloud: “I think wikipedia is have their own values, in a sense, this is not a form but a cultural symbol. We went to real said, wikipedia for the user community management mode, the content of change is a deep system and the rules for themselves in it. Not leaving baidu encyclopedia this kind of things can be done.”

wikipedia as a form of the earliest do UGC, more open to the user permissions. On wikia or other platforms of the existing site, teams can help the creator to transfer all the information to complete the original site.

editor is always a small group. High think is going to fill up the content at the beginning, after the fun of community ecology will naturally formed. After team will try to expand in the form of content and the raise, follow-up work in the first compiled gathered again to create high quality content. Aircraft wiki by wikipedia, in addition to the specification of terms more systematic information, also added some other social functions, such as speech, leave a message. Late will be integrated into the more commercial mode in offline contact partners, to provide quality content interest surrounding.

the team eight people, are iterative development new version, will be in a relatively short period of time the website front-end style do a larger version. Go all of closed beta link up first, and later again on a large scale propaganda.

“I think the plane wiki early users temperament is an explorer and pioneer, in a desolate place to build a home stand alone and do not understand, has quietly come up with a great event, and then the eyes of the blind people.” Lay this string of characters, high plane wiki is beta. High said, let us first oneself is so of the play, now is the state of mind.