once in burning hot summer, many people are willing to flopped about in the water, swimming pool crowded not health, and the sea lake full of the risk of drowning, let a person hard to enjoy. It doesn’t matter, now kingii help you solve the problem.

Kingii is a small and light (weighs only 4.9 ounces), the expansion of the inflatable water safety device, to be worn like bracelets on your hands. When you’re falling overboard or emergencies in the water, just pull the handle and the carbon dioxide will pop up a balloon, more than 124 kg of buoyancy, quickly take you to the surface. In addition, the thoughtful kingii configured with a small compass, and a whistle, bailout as early as possible to help you. After using the airbag folded back into the air bag bag, can continue to use, each kingii equipped with two carbon dioxide.

pull handle, huge buoyancy quickly take you back to the surface of the water

6 years of age or older. Uniform size, can be adjusted.

will balloon folding back after using, the next time you can continue to use the

Kingii founder Tom Agapiades drowned unfortunately, there is a friend in his early years, by the stimulus, he decided to find a way to prevent such things from happening again, then invented the Kingii.

kingii is on the raise.

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