run! “brother” hit, to a certain extent, arouse the enthusiasm of the people’s movement, and all sorts of “tear famous brand” war also from time to tome. The bracelet match motion App, makes the movement of people to record, analysis. Running as the most basic forms of exercise, running in the crowd, which App is the most popular? To see Letv sports white paper is how to report it. In addition, “ran” how to “play”, take you to find out hunting cloud network.

in the latest issue of “white paper” Letv sports, splash is movement of the current domestic market share top App, with 50.77% of the top market share. It is important to note that 81% of respondents chose the Internet to watch running video, 39% of smartphone users use to access the Internet to watch running video. This suggests that the mobile Internet greatly changed people’s life habit, be the first choice of the people understand running, to participate in sports social.

sports social constantly create “new features”

running, the key lies in the Internet social elements involved. The popularity of the word “ran” let many people see the charm of sports as the main body of vertical social, plump App “near” the latest adjustment function has further strengthened the position of the advantages of running group, the user can choose to get top priority to join the group running, improve their performance, strengthening physique; Can also be moving around friends anytime and anywhere, expand the social side, the real combination of running with the depth of the social, through the expansion of the circle to make movement with participation of happy.

in addition, the “sports circle” and “splash” will be the user’s movement further community-based social behavior, to encourage the user generated content positively, to participate in the high frequency of interaction. Splash App also launched with a nature of venues O2O “show sites” function, to provide users with rich outdoor/indoor sport solution, meet the needs of users online sports and online social networking. These continuously introduce new features, brought different experience to the user, and splash App could have been the main reason for the lead in the market share.

by doing Internet + “activity”

with the rapid increase of private events and activities, splash user’s demand to participate in a variety of offline activities also increasingly strong. From splash around the official running group’s establishment ceremony, only three stations in chengdu, Beijing, shenzhen, actual participation is far more than online registration number, almost will be bursting at the scene. The future will also be launched in Shanghai, xi ‘an, hangzhou, xiamen, chongqing, wuhan, shenyang, dalian, and other RACES activities, also has “full”.

thud the latest version of the App 5.8.0 launched a new function “activity”, this feature allows users to freely create offline activities, support group volunteering in all competitions, users can quickly select, quick online registration, my relatives and friends through the Internet and share the fun of the game, both increased engagement, users have also been driven higher by the viscosity of App.

“activity” function simplifies the process, take advantage of the mobile Internet to let users no longer trapped in contact and communication, even in the highly transparent, users only need to arrive on time to attend, also can quickly condenses into groups, enjoy the pleasure of sports social.

, according to

thud, senior director of operations Liang Yun entered since 2015, the thud as the nation’s largest sports social platform, became the running events of choice for online collaboration, splash user resources will be fully open to these events, and online services, fully meet the user’s desire. Splash oneself also launched a “city leader” series of activities across 2015, plus more than 100 cities all over the country’s official game, help the runners for China to achieve “world so big, I want to run to run” happy dreams.

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