Whipclip allows the user to lawful interception 1 minutes live television video, and within the application and share on Facebook, twitter application.

recently, a can let users clips and share their favorite TV shows and music video platform Whipclip, announced that it has more than $40 million C round of financing. This round of funding from the Eminence Capital led, Eminence Capital as a giant American asset management, valued at $6.4 billion. In addition, the risk investment company Institutional Venture Partners and Raine Ventures also participating in the round.

show “comedy central bieber poking fun at the conference” in March, at the same time, Whipclip also launched its iPhone client. Show the audience through Whipclip can quick and legally capture video, and then on social networks and friends to share. In addition to comedy central, Whipclip in television network content, and the American broadcasting company (ABC), the Columbia broadcasting company (CBS), FOX, FOX, the United States of Viacom, Viacom and Turner broadcasting company (Turner), American television Networks A + E Networks and Bloomberg media (Bloomberg), oprah winfrey network (OWN), Pop, Pop (Fusion) and other companies established A cooperative partnership. In respect of music, Whipclip chose cooperation with universal music group and SONY music. This means that the user can from happy burger, Dancing with the Stars ( money have the Stars ), navy NCIS ( NCIS ), Los Angeles ( Los Angeles), Girl ( New Girl ), fairy tale town ( Once Upon a Time ), etc. Choose to capture part of TV programs.

Whipclip of new money will be used to speed up the development of application, to set up the business and to strengthen its relationships with partners. Whipclip chief executive Richard? ROM the junta (Richard Rosenblatt) said: “Whipclip provides a new way to let users share legal popular television shows and music video, and television providers can also use Whipclip advertising for their program, improve their influence in the social media circle and the program’s ratings. In addition, Whipclip services for publishers. It has and 25 publishers that they can legally from their stories or articles published in intercepting fragment.

the junta told the New York times, create Whipclip ideas from his personal experience. He cannot find a legal upload video clips with friends to share, so created Whipclip. He added: “Whipclip surprising is that it broke the boundaries between network, music, TV.”

Whipclip provides a platform, the real-time social media together. The application of social media sharing responded consumer trends. More and more people on social networks to share video, only the United States share the number of twitter associated with television in more than 70 million a month. People now for good operation of video media such as Snapchat, sets and Vine (similar to twitter) “appetite”, Whipclip use of social media sharing consumption trend and its and trend of video media “appetite”.

why is it so special?

although Whipclip through its extensive cooperation with content providers, distinguish themselves and other social TV companies, but editing video for network sharing concept also exist in other forms. For example, the c-span public affairs network (), let people can easily through the network will be share clips of news clips. In addition, more and more wide entertainment to Connec TV before didn’t become, there is the application of share video clips. Copyright social video company Grabyo also let the audience to edit and share live TV. But the application of the market itself is more like a sports platform of “instant replay”.

although Whipclip also share sports video combat events (MMA) – the United States, but it still give priority to in order to share other TV type video. As video clips sharing platform, Whipclip is an innovative applications, but is not so magical. If can Hulu (one of America’s video site Hulu) excellent display function and clip to share together, that is really amazing. But now, watch televised live Whipclip users will cut into a minute, can only three minutes before cutting has been broadcast content. And Whipclip users want to share has been broadcast video clips, also can only share other user uploaded clips.

Whipclip has not been revealed its user base or source of income, but neither Eminence Capital investment in a big way, and with a number of well-known entertainment brokerage companies, famous agent ali, Emanuel (Ari Emanuel) relations of cooperation, more or less suggests the upstart company may be working on. And, the company may he had in mind, sometime in the future one day will make a lot of money.


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