(text/Yin Zixuan)

and the traditional financial institutions or borrowing depends on P2P platform of credit system, not only cumbersome procedures, and according to determine the amount of borrowing credit systems can not meet the needs of the borrower, at the same time also need to bear the high costs. In the face of these problems, the borrower if there is a better choice?

relaxation also faced such problems. He to start a business there have been two borrowing experience, is a patchwork with friends, another is in the bank for credit loans. And the two experience, let him for the pain points of borrowing has a deep understanding.

“when borrowers with normal lending platform for borrowing, cost will be high; Platform at the same time the loan amount is based on the analysis of the borrower credit reporting data, is not comprehensive. And friends to lend, it is based on the multi-dimensional understanding of the borrower, but between and there will be a lot of pain points, including the influence relationship because of money, bad after the default collection.” Tone tell hunting cloud network.

so in early February, he and his team had started the idea of a “borrow some”.

lend some of the founding team has five people, he worked for the sina CEO tone, after specially in social networks, has also entered the financial sector, was founded in 2014 is perpendicular to the stock market investment and financing platform “drum pockets”; Kuang technology partners q yuan, has worked for the cityof, tencent, pig eight quit, etc.; Partner Song Hao, has a wealth of experience and unique product design logic; Technology partners sheng-zhong Yang across the community, the media, electricity and other four years in the field of Internet products and research and development experience; Operating partner Chen Kejia had founded psychology education training company, communications technology company.

lend some has been launched in March, now has 300000 users. Now borrow some are based on micro letter platform of social networking and the fusion of borrowing, is paying attention to lend some micro letter after the public platform, enter the interface will see friends released loan request, select whether or not to a friend to lend. If an already good friends and discuss loan amount and time, also can go to lend some play ious, fill out the amount, loan term and interest rate, the repayment date, the system will automatically remind borrowers. If a borrower fails to also, the information will be pushed to the borrower WeChat friends, will also push the information to the other financial platform such as Carla, social credit and financial institutions to credit of the borrower has a huge impact.

in this process, need to borrow some do as legal basis and regulators, and provide service for lending process and reimbursement process, ensure the whole process of loan repayment is more convenient.

compared with bank, net lending operation platform, borrow some does not guarantee, also don’t make bad, depress the borrower borrowing costs; Also lend some prompting is borrowing between acquaintances, lenders determine whether the dimension of the loan and loan amount more, also have more security. And in the platform of acquaintances to borrow money, “” import user directories in the App, is one-way anonymous letter, two-way anonymous borrowing, in March, won the chinastone capital angel investment; And borrow some although does not intend to launch independent of WeChat App, but rooted in WeChat the mature social ecosystem, on the one hand for WeChat with dependency, on the one hand, occupied WeChat the advantage of the widespread social platform.

talking about the future of business model, edging convective cloud network said, “we are going to the borrower to launch business system, when the borrower loan demand is bigger, at the same time you are willing to bear the high cost of borrowing, only need to release their borrowing needs, let the side of the small loan companies to rob, after offline trading, borrow some collect the profits. For lenders, lend some will introduce excellent financial management platform, let the lenders have diverse investment options. In addition, borrow some reference data applications have their own profit value.”

it is understood that borrow some has acquired in April 400 w angel rounds of financing, a new round of financing is in preparing.