(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

cat supermarket around early from heaven, “invasion” hey guest motion throughout the country, to the home of jingdong strategic layout, it is obvious that are bullish on Internet giant community distribution just need consumer scenarios, and quickly complete O2O layout, after all hand resources, through to the last kilometer seems to have created a new world full of business opportunities.

giant airborne, grass-roots entrepreneurs how to fix the community distribution of fan? Current operation good community 001 fresh bees still holdout, love, in addition, hunting cloud network also attention to the chengdu local O2O project – “shop downstairs.

such as topic, shop downstairs is a target curtilage home scene community O2O convenience store, the target audience can be summed up as “big city, the main, young man”, at this stage the main function is focused on the mobile terminal, WeChat service platform has launched operations, App is still in development.

every morning at 10:00, founder WuYueChuan will receive a copy of the operational data analysis report, the content involves the day before the SKU, used to adjust the marketing strategy and constantly optimize the product category. Based on the continuous data analysis, the shop downstairs to SKU in snacks, four categories of daily optimization, fresh and cooked food, and to control the number of 1000 or so, in addition to the daily necessities such as necessities, what they sell also contains imported food, overseas act as purchasing agency, classical Chinese, etc. shop downstairs team expects can provide users with better than commodity convenience store around the community, and compared with the mainstream business super and electricity of mass goods category, commodity should be more fit curtilage home scenario, avoid bring users choose difficult.

shop downstairs into the community to push strategy, the team for every hundred flier, can obtain 30 registered users, user crawl rate was 30%, and the promotion of a month, has 3000 registered users and subscribers (15%), the average purchase price from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, and the complex purchase frequency is higher. WuYueChuan believes that this SKU of self-built warehousing and precision have a direct relationship.

says the key link in last 1 km to the community service, warehousing and logistics, and nothing but the WuYueChuan tell hunting cloud network, based on the natural advantages of team in the supply chain resources that we choose the self-built warehousing , plans to gradually multiple points within the scope of construction in chengdu warehouse, construction total warehouse and at the right time, in the form of “total – points”, form a rapid circulation. In addition, in order to form a quick response life scenes of shopping channels, shop downstairs in the delivery time is shorter than 1 hour, self-built + crowdsourcing logistics mode, user can check in order to check.

shop downstairs is still in its infancy, self-built warehousing is offline risk assets overweight, WuYueChuan thinks otherwise: at present, most of the community are doing O2O platform integration, the simplest way is to cooperate with the community convenience store, provide training. The practice of this kind of light assets run fast, actually aimed at the giant early, such as jingdong has arrived chengdu home, provide 2 hours home “, “ten thousand commodity services, for local integration class community O2O companies can be deadly.

so, even if, as a kind of high frequency, just need to, the whole population of consumption, community distribution is a good starting point, but the chances of integration platform does not belong to start-ups, start-ups should avoid the giant frontal attack. As a result, the shop downstairs self-built warehousing assets might seem excessive, but it is cut to a sufficient living space and differentiated market.

WuYueChuan continued, in the domestic e-commerce started to 15 years of development, from the perspective of total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted, electricity share increasing at an annual rate of single digits, is now above 10%. In fact, only taobao wireless was occupied 86.3% of the market, if according to the analysis of principle of 28 start-ups just did a shunt, therefore, should be the target user lock the value of the offer to you the most sensitive people.

as the founder and CEO, WuYueChuan I have enough accumulation of entrepreneurship, in traditional retail, media, television, advertising, and many fields, such as the Internet, in a big team of management and resource configuration also has a wealth of experience, it is understood that he had as a young entrepreneurs landing “citizen” glory of chengdu.

in addition, the shop downstairs the core team has 6 people, most of them serial entrepreneurs, both the deep traditional business and trade veteran, integration of supply chain resources, there is also a great experience in logistics industry, to the control of logistics links, as well as understand the operation of the electricity traders.

the shop downstairs has spent one million yuan of start-up capital, is now actively promote angel round the financing plan, plan the financing amount is 3 million, is mainly used in the construction of offline circulation. WuYueChuan said, reasonable valuation represents the maturity of the team, also represents our sincerity, hope and rational, and attaches great importance to the team of the value of the capital to achieve cooperation.