for those who have received higher education and graduate education, the society has become a social experience first. The students no longer wonder why they learn a certain theory, course or practice, preferring to practical application. Technology to reduce the “why” and “how to” the distance between, but this often will separate academic environment and the extracurricular practice.

there’s a company wants to fill the data science (statistics, programming, etc.) this gap. In today announced that the company is called, the supplement will act as a professor teaching and students’ practical use of medium.

by two graduates of the university of California, Berkeley, Brian Liou and Tristan Tao established Leada’s goal is to solve the problem of the two founders are encountered: school didn’t teach them too much data in the field of science of professional skills, only a theory. They tried (interactive learning to program a web site), but said Liou effect is limited. (free online course platform) didn’t help much.

the end result is the birth of the Leada hard, is now a business incubator incubator project, it lets students dealing with data in a professional analysis, practical experience. All the homework by Leada research and development, only cooperation colleges and universities. So far, from five universities – the university of Notre Dame, New York university, the university of San Francisco, the university of California, Berkeley, and six of the northern Illinois university professors are using this service. Liou hope to can Leada scored 30 universities in autumn.

“we believe that the data science is a basic skill for everyone,” he said. “I’m sure data science market potential is very big, and now the difficulty of solution can also be applied to other industries.”

Leada and enterprise cooperation, the development of curriculum for students. Professor projects specified in the syllabus, lets the student in the semester is complete, just like in the form of homework. Each project has automatic detection function, to ensure the project schedule of students. Liou said this function is not only the judgment of right and wrong, the completion of the project is more important is to let students use the knowledge. Provide on-site service process teaching assistants to help answer any questions.

although the service is free of charge for professor, but students need to pay. Liou explained, this and need to attend courses acquisition of truth is similar. Leada provides students with two options: a career program, $25 per person; Two programming training camp, begin from the beginning, $50 per person.

is a concern that students enter Leada data would use? Company procedures with the enterprise cooperation, to create these may be based on the enterprise project of the real dilemma. So, let the students to try to these problems, the enterprise whether can free from the students’ answers? Liou said, there is no “exit” option, professors and students don’t know what do they do the results could be used for. “We haven’t come this far, still not sure whether to need to tell them, will be how to use the data. This problem is not solved.

Leada help objects more than college students. Liou said the company’s goal is for business, to offer them training methods, the trainer at teach employee data scientific knowledge. Content is consistent, still but structure is different (not the details, but may include other enterprise data), the cost is also different.

(for small and medium-sized enterprises provide free one-stop cloud HR management tool) is one of the participating enterprises.

Leada from YC and Imagine the k-12 accelerators have been raised about $200000.


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