today, hard eggs at a new conference, officially launched the new website, new online “hard egg the measure” section, to provide users with intelligent hardware products to trial, experience and evaluation. “Hardware” demo will synergy hard egg Link, hard egg offline IOT experience hall, provide entrepreneurs with supply chain, marketing, entity display platform level services, financial and offline activities.

hard egg all the test or the raise?

hard egg in the supply chain as the core of intelligent hardware innovation business Internet platform, with the advantage of “the advantage” to launch the raise, this is understandable. Just the raise nature is also a kind of electricity, taobao, the raise, jingdong raise its massive C end user is among the system. So in the end, hard egg products in addition to its own platform project, selection and taobao also raise, jingdong the raise, the roll call time to cooperation, at the same time, points out that the “trial, experience and evaluation” self-image. Not settling, but also is the most suitable one position.

it is worth mentioning that hard egg all the channels for product features, price be clear at a glance, praise and clap brick to let users play happily. In addition to the evaluation and the raise, as well as advance, aimed at collecting seeds for product users, the threshold of the intelligent hardware and reduce public experience.

at this point, the hard eggs all the test plates with “hard link, hard egg egg offline IOT experience hall together to form three” hardcore “platform, provide entrepreneurs with supply chain, marketing, entity display, financial services and offline activities platform level. Hard, according to official hard egg egg core advantage is to provide supply chain services, and from last year began in the service of the entrepreneurs hard egg link, now officially launched, accelerate the joy to the world the pace of the IOT entrepreneurs to launch a service supply chain O2O, aiming to make project production problem is resolved.

smart hardware ecosystem was established, a number of activities have been started

today, intelligent hardware platform: baidu and taobao, the raise, jingdong the raise, jingdong intelligence, QQ group; On behalf of the supply chain: broadcom, lenovo; Vc circle represents: IDG, alpha commune, etc; Incubation circle represents: Microsoft vc, too firebird and hard egg jointly announced the intelligent hardware entrepreneurial innovation industry ecosystem was established.

on March 31, jingdong jingdong the gen college, released today, jingdong joint again hard egg “the college – intelligent hardware ecological class.” Hard eggs joint pull hook release “smart hardware million people recruitment plan”. Braodlink jointly released hard egg “intelligent household DANit plan” for small and medium-sized enterprise communication both sides in the module application, and fans of the supply chain resources and services.

in the end, hard egg also announced the second hard egg -i future competition starts, a focus on intelligent hardware business innovation competition, from now on open recruitment project.

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