nowadays, Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality, VR for short) has become the focus of people talk about. A growing number of well-known enterprises and innovative company, turned to VR field and the large investment, especially in the research and development and production of the VR headsets, peripheral hardware. However, the development of VR content production industry is serious lag, lack of content of VR products always can’t meet the demand of experience deep in the hearts of a new generation of consumers, leading to hardware vendors to provide high quality content of VR in the “hunger” state. VR industry of the future will certainly is “content is king”. Hunting cloud network recently focused on the start-up of LAN pavilion is to focus on doing VR images digital content production.

these figures is a focus on digital company in the field of VR image content, the innovation of VR image content and implementation. Co-founder ZhuangJiShun in an interview with hunting cloud network is introduced, the company has industry-leading VR panoramic video aerial solutions and VR images content presents the whole solution, the main Airpano high-altitude three-dimensional dynamic 360/720 degrees panoramic video, Airpano altitude panoramic images, immersive experience, mobile terminal interaction, etc. All content support VR helmet, glasses, ball screen, annulus, all platforms such as mobile phone, PAD, television experience, and development alone panoramic drones system, air, underwater, vehicle platform stabilization system software and hardware, etc.

lanting digital focus on high-end digital display areas, mainly to help government agencies, real estate, tourism, IT, automobile, colleges and universities, such as 3 c, publishing industry customers promote the interactive display based on digital interactive marketing services, implementation platform, terminal display and application. ZhuangJiShun, according to the current profit mode is mainly to do 2 b project, tourism, real estate, automobile, as the key point, and gradually to the 2 c market expansion, the concept of VR to the public, let everybody to understand, know and feel the reality of life, advertising and flow of revenue is expected after half a year.

Air360china lanting as part of the brand, panoramic view mainly focus on the air in this area, including air panoramic video panorama, the air. Compared with the common uav aerial ZhuangJiShun said “air360china taken out better stability, and can make some special function, can make really let people shaking, and never experience the miracle of the scenery”. Compared with ordinary panoramic images, these works even single resolution of up to 200 million pixels.

for the present state of development of VR industry, ZhuangJiShun said that VR industry now is like 3 c has just a few years ago when the situation, the development of the future there will be a huge market. Lanting will also comply with industry trends, expect to VR image content perfectly, improve product visual effect, let everyone see lanting VR content rich imagination. At the same time hope air360china can grow into a platform with media properties, to the masses present a completely unable to imagine.

founder wen-bo sun Arounder China branch in Switzerland do technical director, chief of China’s national geographic aerial photographer, with “Chinese national geography” and “GEO” (German national geographic) have the depth of cooperation for a long time, and established a strategic cooperative relationship with Russia airpano company.

the company has been in June HuaWen media of millions of dollars of angel investment, valuations $, financing will be used in the team by expansion, patent research and development centers, content production, equipment, etc. At present, the company is preparing A wheel.