at present China’s annual average birth 16 million newborns, by 2015, China and overall market is expected to reach 2 trillion. “Mobile blowout, under the trend of maternal and infant market successfully adopt mobile end has large 80, 90, the fragmentation of time mother group, all kinds of baby app in the commercial run all the way on the runway.

different Yu Baobao kiss baby baby tree and the tree time with community, electricity and a series of properties of application, kiss baby family social focus. January 13 years is launched at present day and live up to the 70 to 800000.

founder Feng Peihua said: “every application is called a standalone application, is that it has its own thoughts and stories in it. Kiss the baby is like a tree, should have a backbone, “the boat” things can do, but don’t don’t. We have a very solid point of tangency, is family oriented and private social mobile applications.”

kiss baby do plate can be divided into three parts: one is the private family oriented mobile social, 2 it is a high proportion of intensification of original family parenting tips, three is to increase the mother communication community discussion plate, the opening of the sector from the user feedback, belong to the “link” branches of kiss baby, mothers if they hope to get further communication, can focus on each other by sending invitation code.

“show photos, thumb up and sharing function, circle of friends and micro-blogging platform can do,” Feng Peihua said: “so the open community plate as a branch is doing. Our team have their own clear values in it, or would prefer to grow into a blended with the application of more intimate feelings, understanding and acceptance by the public. Kiss the baby by sending invitation code, and relatives to share the baby photos, video, audio, diary. When optical axis record growth footprint, dynamically.

in July or August, kiss baby will line TV version. Future baby will increase plate during pregnancy, to overseas market development. When it comes to do before the baby tree intelligent hardware, as well as the subsequent each big giant rushed to grab the infants of electricity, Feng Peihua said don’t refuse to do intelligent hardware, but would consider participating merchants, electricity section is another story. Now focus on the growth of users, in the hope that in the next year can reach more than 200 days to live.

Feng Peihua, graduated from zhejiang university master of software engineering, ArcSoft products before the VP, a former architect, product manager, director positions. 14 years experience in software development and management, the leading product research and development work of more than 20. Members of the team was established in August 2012, mainly from ArcSoft well-known software company’s core backbone composition, etc.

earlier team have considered do relatively familiar with pictures of the community, that was when the microblogging and WeChat hot era, based on user habits and market conditions, a series of research, the team will ultimately eye positioning in the market. By more than 10 in the early development to now more than 50, application of each plate, there are 2-3 people in management, daily upload millions of photos and hundreds more video.

to chat to the original product design, Feng Peihua smile: “we do product at first time, will deliberately designed to reduce a level. Geared to the needs of the national market, not only of urban white-collar workers as well as three lines city’s mother, a bit like taobao page design considerations.”

15 years on June 18, parenting website community baby tree announced thousands of joint ventures of the hundreds of millions of yuan D round of funding, and said this is just a beginning. September 14, kiss the baby for suitable for $5 million of capital A round of funding. This for them, more is just a beginning.